Penny Stock Pumpers, I am calling YOU OUT!

Yes, I am calling YOU out!

I got a email from one or two “freebie” members saying my trades are now liquid enough.


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First off, riddle me this, what arena has stocks that move 200% like we say yesterday on our BCCI alert? Or 60% now that we have seen on my SNTL alert; yes that’s right SuperNova Elite

So, let me call you out again here “doubters”…. Look at my call on AFFY today? So, what can you pick apart here…..

Over $60,000,000 dollar volume and the trade is up 50% on the day.

“Jeff, thanks for AFFY alert, I just took home $1,800 profits – Tali”

Jeff, my 2012  performance was -59% :-( since joining you in 2013 it’s +17.85 ~ Elkhorn

Now, did we score all 50%, nope, but we hit it big and that now adds to over 250% worth of gains SuperNova Elite members have had in the past week.

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When the markets heat up like this, it’s not uncommon for us to go 4 or 5 straight weeks with several double or even triple digit winners!

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Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

My name is Jeff Williams of As a trader, I have spent the last 15 years navigating and scanning the penny stock markets. I don't know anyone who has the breadth and depth of penny stock experience that I do. Through my proven methods I have consistently found some of the markets biggest and most profitable trades...and the great news is that I will share them with all of my subscribers. Signup for my newsletter at