Remember This Penny Stock Report I Gave You?

Well, by now you have seen why my 16 years of trading background is well worth your time; not to mention my Masters degree in education which gives me a rare ability to actually TEACH you how and why we make our trades.

Remember this link here? (Review it now, its a must!)

Let’s do a quick review of the stocks I gave you on Sunday night….

PSON target met hit 25% gains
CPSZ current up 113% from Monday
SENY up 15% from Monday
DRYS – 3% from Monday
RSH up 10% from Monday (still moving toward my target)
AKS up .2% from Monday (we’ll call this one “flat”)
GFA $4 stock up 4% from Monday
GALE up 9% from Monday

That’s 173% UP for the WEEK.

Add in the trades from below and its well over 200% worth of “opportunity” that YOUR missing by sitting on the sidelines. I mean listen, I GAVE you my scans above Sunday night, so the proof is there.

NVLX sold up ANOTHER 12%
XIDE up 15%
MCP up 20% (yes I told you we trade higher price stocks, I have 2 assistants who just love them!)
MULI up 45%

As always, the choice is yours, when you are ready we will be here, but every day you wait, is another double digit day of missed opportunity!

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Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

My name is Jeff Williams of As a trader, I have spent the last 15 years navigating and scanning the penny stock markets. I don't know anyone who has the breadth and depth of penny stock experience that I do. Through my proven methods I have consistently found some of the markets biggest and most profitable trades...and the great news is that I will share them with all of my subscribers. Signup for my newsletter at