Mondays Penny Stock Movers

Cha Ching! Wait until you see these money bags!

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100 Spots remain on my Mega “Deal” 1/27
73 Spots remain on my Mega “Deal” 1/30
49 Spots remain on my Mega “Deal” 2/1
33 Spots remain on my Mega “Deal” 2/3
12 Spots remain on my Mega “Deal” 2/4

Quickly, congrats on our Monday Money Trades: PHOT alerted $.045 Thursday, possible gain (see image below) 80%. MJNA alerted $.11, possible gain 300% (see image below)

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I really want to thank you and your lessons personally. It’s allowed me to really grow as a trader to the point where I started a few months ago with only $3,000, and now have enough to fund an entire semester at college to further my education. And that’s all money I’ve made while being a SuperNova member. Does not include money from my jobs or anything. Being a lucky trader and jumping on P&Ds made me little money. But actually learning and utilizing knowledge made me a lot of money. – X

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PHOT Chart

MJNA Chart

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

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