Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow Pattern

bullish concealing baby swallow

two consecutive Black Marubozu

1.Market is on a downtrend;
2.We see two consecutive Black Marubozu on Day 1 and Day 2;
3.On Day 3, we see a black stick opening with a downward gap but trading into the body of Day 2 and characterized by a long upper shadow; and
4.On Day 4, there is another Black Marubozu that completely engulfs the candlestick (including the shadow) on Day 3.

Brief Explanation:
The two Black Marubozu show that the bears are happy since the downtrend is continuing. On Day 3, there is a downward gap that further confirms the trend. Prices on Day 3 then start going above the close of the prior day casting doubts on the bearishness of the situation. Day 4 shows a higher gap in the opening. After this opening, prices again go down closing at a new low. This is a good chance for the short sellers to cover their positions.

1.The pattern is highly reliable, but a confirmation is suggested (through a white stick with a higher close or a gap-up).