Bearish Kicking Pattern

white and black

1.The direction of the market is not important;
2.There is a White Marubozu on Day 1; and
3.There is a Black Marubozu that gaps downward on Day 2.

Brief Explanation:
In the Bearish Kicking Pattern, a White Marubozu is followed by a sharply lower gap when Day 2 opens. Day 2’s opening is even below the prior session’s opening.

This strongly suggests that the market is already heading downward. Unlike most candlestick patterns, the market direction of the previous day is not important in this pattern. Day 2’s prices never enter into Day 1’s range and there is a close with another gap.

1.Both sticks don’t have shadows. Therefore both are Marubozu.
2.The BKP is highly reliable but a confirmation may be necessary.