Bearish In Neck Pattern

undeveloped Bullish Piercing Line pattern

1. There is a downtrend market;
2. Day 1 has a long black stick;
3. There is then a white stick on Day 2 with an opening price that is below the low of Day 1. Day 2’s closing price is barely above the closing price of Day 1.

Brief Explanation:
The Bearish In Neck Pattern is an undeveloped version of the Bullish Piercing Line Pattern. But the close here is much lower. The white body on Day 2 closes near the close of the black Day 1.

This pattern is characterized by a white stick that has a closing price narrowly above the previous black stick’s low during a downtrend. If the white stick’s low is broken down, the downtrend will continue.

1. The white stick in the pattern must be small
2. Confirmation is required on Day 3 in the form in the form of a black stick, a gap down or a lower close.