Bearish Falling Three Methods Pattern

temporary break but no reversal

1. Downtrend market;
2. Long black candle on Day 1;
3. Small white candles that are moving up in very small increments on Days 2, 3 and 4; and
4. Long black candle on Day 5.

Brief Explanation:
The BFTMP shows a market that is on a downtrend. On day one, there is a long black candle that is on a downtrend. This is followed by three successive small white candles that are on the uptrend. Finally, the long black candle on Day 5 opens near the closing Day 4 figure but closes at a value lower than the Day 1 closing.

Days 2, 3, and 4 just show a brief and temporary market break. During this period, there is doubt that the downtrend pattern will continue, so the market goes up for a few days. But a new high could not be realized, so the bears take over, and the market closes at a value that is even lower than the bearish Day 1 closing. The market now experiences a new low.

1. High and low ranges include the shadows.
2. There is a high reliability of the Bearish Falling Three Methods Pattern.