Bearish Evening Star Pattern

major top reversal pattern

1.Market is on an uptrend;
2.There is a long white stick on Day 1;
3.A small candle on Day 2 with a gap going to the direction of Day 1’s uptrend; and
4.A black stick on Day 3.

Brief Explanation:
The three sticks form a major top reversal pattern. Day 2’s gap which is in a higher direction effectively forms a star. Then Day 3 shows a black stick with a closing price that is within Day 1’s white body. The market has now turned bearish.

There is an uptrend market and the white body suggests a bullish market. Then the small body shows diminishing capacity. On Day 3, the bears take over, as shown by the strong black stick. Ideally, the BESP has a gap before and after the middle real body.