Bearish Downside Taskuki Gap Pattern

temporary break but no reversal

1. The market is on a downtrend;
2. There are two long black sticks with a gap between them in Day 1 and Day 2;
3. On Day 3, the white stick opens within the body of Day 2.

Brief Explanation:
The Bearish Downside Tasuki Gap Pattern occurs in a downward moving market. The downward movement extends by one more day, which displays a gap in the direction of the downtrend. The third day has an opening well into the body of the second day and fills the gap partially. The gap is not filled or closed, however, so the previous downward trend goes on.

The BDTGP has two long black sticks with a downward gap between them during a downtrend. On Day 3 there is white stick that partially closes the gap between the first two days. The white candlestick may be the result of investors taking advantage of a low buying price for that particular moment. However, we expect the trend to continue downward.

1. The pattern is a rare formation
2. The real bodies of the last two days should be about the same
3. A confirmation is suggested in the form of a black stick, a large gap up or a lower close on the following day to ensure that the downward movement will continue
4. It is similar to the Bearish Downside Gap Three Methods Pattern.