SuperNova Elite Continues Its Hot Run At Penny Stocks

Cha Ching, Cha Ching,

What a week it has been and today I am willing to save you $600 (read more for details)

Yes, I will be the first to admit, the small cap market went sour on us for about a week or two but that’s part of trading. We had two or three trades that we ended up selling for a 3 – 5% loss, but that’s the key; not letting them get away from us.

Today, one of our main moderators “Tango” put out a pre market alert on BCCI. What followed was truly jaw dropping!

BCCI is up 112% right now and members have sold for over 80% profits as you can see below.

Add in SNTL from today which is up 30% and SuperNova member have had a crack at 140% worth of gains today. (Not to mention 50% from my BMSN alert from yesterday which I gave the free list FIRST before the paid list.) So nearly 200% gains in two days clearly shows the momentum is back with SuperNova Elite and with the small cap markets.

I would like you to take a moment to learn more about me right now.

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I hope to see you soon to help you get on track with making great income in the penny stock and small cap markets.


BCCI Chart

SNTL Chart

Alert from Tuesday:

Ticker: BMSN
Current: .01
Swing Trade Focus: $.015
Stop: .0088 which is the previous low

Today I will save you $600 every three months!

I told you for my small start up fee I give you all $5,000 worth of my educational video lessons and mentor program. Some of you don’t believe me, but take a look at this image below to PROVE that I might even be underestimating the $5,000 value price. This guy “markettaker” is $299 per MONTH, that’s a $600 savings PLUS per quarter with my service. Just a FYI


Monday we started off with a 65% alert on  sub penny stock which closed at the high of day

Today we already cashed in on ETRM 11% move

ETRM Chart




Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

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