Look at these buy and sells on ETRM and XUII

Good Morning WINNERS!

I want to be CLEAR about something with you….my service is TRANSPARENT, we are a rare service that does NOT get paid to “pump” stocks. We play real high quality stocks for big gains.

Let me show you the “proof” (please enable images to see my actual text alerts below) for ETRM and XUII two of my recent winners that netted us over 60% worth of gains today alone!

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ETRM Buy  TimeStamp: 5/17 11:26am EST

ETRM Sell TimeStamp: 5/31 9:31am EST

XUII Buy TimeStamp: 5/29 1:57pm EST

XUII Sell TimeStamp: 5/31 10:52am EST

I take all the guess work out of stock trading and I give you just the essentials that you need to be more profitable and more educated. The decision is up to you but if you want to become a better trader I am 100% CONFIDENT my Masters in education will help you and my buy and sell email / text and chat room alerts will help your portfolio grow!

Julie K: Videos are solid gold SA 5/31

Elton K: Best Education site by far 5/31

topdogintampa: Out of XUII at .34 from .285 entry, I’m booking it here. 5/31

ruiheng d: Jeff, thanks I sold XUII for $1,500 gain 5/31

Derek B: Cool, also out of XUII for 16% gain nice work Stock Analyzer 5/31

John: Jeff, just wanted to say thanks for XUII just made $700.00 a 10% gain for me so thank you sir very much 5/31


Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

Jeff Williams (Top Stock Picks)

My name is Jeff Williams of TopStockPicks.com. As a trader, I have spent the last 15 years navigating and scanning the penny stock markets. I don't know anyone who has the breadth and depth of penny stock experience that I do. Through my proven methods I have consistently found some of the markets biggest and most profitable trades...and the great news is that I will share them with all of my subscribers. Signup for my newsletter at TopStockPicks.com