Insiders Bought These Stocks on Dec-19

Insiders purchased shares of the following companies on Thursday, December 19, 2013

Accelrys (NASDAQ:ACCL): Moses Robert G purchased 23,066 shares at a price of $8.96.

Amtrust Financial Services (NASDAQ:AFSI): Karfunkel George purchased 300,000 shares at a price of $28.99.

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. is a multinational specialty property and casualty insurer focused on generating consistent underwriting profits.

Armour Residential R (NYSE:ARR): Zimmer Jeffrey J purchased 10,000 shares at a price of $3.74.

ARMOUR Residential REIT Inc invests mainly in hybrid adjustable rate, adjustable rate and fixed rate residential mortgage backed securities issued or guaranteed by a U.S. Government-chartered entity.

Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AVNR): Palekar Rohan purchased 10,000 shares at a price of $2.80.

Avanir Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing novel therapeutic products for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

Aircastle Limited (NYSE:AYR): Marubeni Aviation Corp purchased 30,000 shares at a price of $18.52.

Aircastle Ltd acquires, leases and sells high-utility commercial jet aircraft to passenger and cargo airlines throughout the world.

Uslife Income Fund (NYSE:BIF): Fischer Brendon J purchased 650 shares at a price of $7.77.

The Fund seeks to produce both long-term capital appreciation through investment in common stocks and income from investment in both dividend paying common stocks and fixed income securities. The Fund typically invests in securities of US-based companies.

Boulder Total Return Fund (NYSE:BTF): Fischer Brendon J purchased 225 shares at a price of $22.04.

To achieve total return. Seeks to produce both long-term capital appreciation by investing in common stocks and high current income consistent with preservation of capital through investments in income producing securities. Intends to concentrate its commo

Calamos Asset Management (NASDAQ:CLMS): Calamos Family Partners, Inc. purchased 37,378 shares at a price of $11.01.

Calamos Asset Management, Inc. mainly provides investment advisory services to individuals and institutional investors through open-end funds, closed-end funds, separate accounts, offshore funds and partnerships.

Capital Southwest Corp. (NASDAQ:CSWC): Schwertner Ray D. purchased 1,000 shares at a price of $95.79.

Capital Southwest Corporation is a venture capital investment Company whose objective is to achieve capital appreciation through long-term investments in businesses believed to have favorable growth potential.

Dorchester Minerals L.P. (NASDAQ:DMLP): Berry Buford P purchased 2,000 shares at a price of $24.82.

Dorchester Minerals, L.P. is engaged in the acquisition, ownership and administration of producing and nonproducing natural gas and crude oil royalty, net profits and leasehold interests in the United States.

Exa Corporation (NASDAQ:EXA): Poduska John William Sr purchased 4,607 shares at a price of $13.53.

Exa Corp develops, sell and support simulation software and services that vehicle manufacturers use to enhance the performance of their products, reduce product development costs and improve the efficiency of their design and engineering processes.

Female Health Company (NASDAQ:FHCO): Bethune David R purchased 3,000 shares at a price of $8.04.

Female Health Company manufactures, markets and sells the FC2 Female Condom. Its products provides dual protection against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.

German American Bancorp (NASDAQ:GABC): Ramsey Chris A purchased 15 shares at a price of $28.35.

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE): Dekkers Marijn E purchased 1,000 shares at a price of $20.58.

General Electric Company provides services ranging from aircraft engines, power generation, water processing & household appliances to medical imaging, business & consumer financing, media content & industrial products.

Gulfmark Offshore (NYSE:GLF): Millard Robert B purchased 25,000 shares at a price of $44.19.

GulfMark Offshore, Inc. provides offshore marine services to companies involved in offshore exploration and production of oil and natural gas.

Healthways (NASDAQ:HWAY): Laughlin Conan purchased 90,000 shares at a price of $14.10.

Healthways, Inc provides specialized, comprehensive solutions to help people improve physical, emotional and social well-being, thereby reducing both direct healthcare costs and health-related costs associated with the loss of employee productivity.

Inland Real Estate Corp. (NYSE:IRC): Simmons Joel D purchased 4,500 shares at a price of $10.27.

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