Cheers Pamela, I Just Made $6,800 Overnight Honey, Let’s Supersize It Again

supersize it

By Jason Bond of

Watch how I just made $6,800 or 16% on GEVO overnight.

In the first 5-minute video I’ll share with you my alert on GEVO Tuesday January 29, 2013 at $2.08.

Then, in the second 15-minute video I’ll explain in detail how I made over $6,800 profit on the GEVO swing trade overnight selling at $2.42 for 16%.

This is a big money trade, not some pump and dump… GEVO traded over 2 million shares Tuesday and over 4 million shares Wednesday.

I consider these money making vehicles my friends… I look for 5-10% rinse and repeat. GEVO just paid 16% overnight much like my OCZ trade last week which paid 13% the same day.

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“Hey Jason thanks for the alert on GEVO. I got in at $2.19 and out at $2.52 with 10,000 shares for a profit of $3,180.” ~ Michael G.

Seriously, even my wife is happy about the GEVO trade, looks we’ll be supersizing it again Pamela!


Tuesday January 29, 2013 at $2.08

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GEVO SELL ALERT +16% or $6,800

Wednesday January 30, 2013 at $2.42

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Supersize It Baby!

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By Jason Bond of

Jason Bond

Jason Bond

Jason made his mark (and fortune) on Wall Street by spotting opportunities, pouncing and locking in those profits fast. His shares his strategies and winning swing trades at his website

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