StocksImpossible: Our top Cannabis pick gets 1.65 price target

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View this email in your browser ( Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) has made it into our top Cannabis play`s for 2015. Here are a few highlights that make Surna standout from the rest.

Surna Inc. is the real deal and has the key leadership in place to make things happen.

CEO, Tom Bollich creator of some well known games like FarmVille and Words with Friends while he worked at Zynga.

Revenues reaching nearly $2M last year.

CapRock Research Issued near term $1.65/share price target. 01-06-15 Aggressively seeking acquisitions in the Cannabis space.

19M shares in the float From the December 18th press release “Surna acquires scalable operating companies in the cannabis sector and expands them by incorporating its proprietary grow technology and comprehensive support systems” We believe Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) will gain serious momentum and could yield up to 400% gains in the near term based on the report by CapRock Research.

More to come on SRNA soon The team ———————————————————— Original report issued 01-06-15 Good morning members, Let’s kick off 2015 So what is the fastest growing industry inside the United States The Medical Marijuana Industry.

Our feature is an equipment supplier to the producer.

Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA) is our new feature and standing out from the rest.


Surna Inc. (“the company”), (OTCQB: SRNA), engineers, manufactures and installs commercial agricultural equipment to indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. The company acquires scalable operating companies in the cannabis sector and expands them by incorporating its proprietary grow technology and comprehensive support systems. The company has a nine-person engineering team focused on developing improved indoor cultivation systems to avoid technological obsolescence, and creating advanced technologies intended to retool the cannabis industry.

All cannabis growers purchase lights, climate and dehumidification systems, and nutrients, which gives the company future avenues of additional growth. The company has been acquisitive, and its long term goal is to dominate the infrastructure, growing, and support sides of the global legal cannabis industry. The company’s entry into the legal marijuana business was through its July 2014 acquisition of Hydro Innovations, LLC. Hydro Innovations was a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of proprietary, state-of-the-art indoor climate control systems such as chillers, lights, reflectors and irrigation systems for cannabis and other indoor agriculture markets. Now operating as a wholly owned subsidiary, Hydro Innovations offers a line of commercial and small business indoor agricultural equipment (

Watch the video on the home page of Surna’s website, this will give you a good idea of what they are accomplishing:

Increasing Revenues • Revenues increase 330% sequentially, reaching $1.2M for Q3 FY 2014.

• Revenues including recent acquisitions reached $1.8M for Q3 2014.

• Gross Margins for the year-to-date reached 40% for Q3 2014.

All successful companies have a common denominator. Good successful people are involved.

Tom Bollich,CEO – On March 25, 2014, Tom Bollich was elected as Secretary of the corporation and on March 26, 2014 he was appointed as a Director of the Company. Mr. Bollich began his career as a Robotics Engineer, working with artificial intelligence. In 2007 he co-founded Zynga, the online gaming company. Zynga created games such as FarmVille, Draw Something and Words with Friends. While at Zynga, Mr. Bollich served as a Studio Head and CTO. After leaving Zynga in 2009 he created HugeMonster Inc., a Toronto based game company. He currently sits on the Board of Directors as the Chairman. Mr. Bollich is also on the Board of Directors for Fatty Crew, LLC, owners and operators of the multinational Fatty brand restaurants.

Tom Bollich is just one example of the management team with an impressive resume’ here. (See the analyst report for additional management and their experience, coming soon) Chart and fundamentals are telling us this week could be the start of a bull run for SRNA.

More to come in the next 24 hours as our coverage of SRNA is long term.

Stay Tuned The Team ============================================================

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