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AXXE Seduces Traders With Exceptional 2014 – Increases Inventory to $1 Million Good Morning! Few companies can boast the sort of year-end credentials of AXXE, especially as it relates to the strengthening of partnerships and sales outlook. The company was on fire all of 2014.

Just yesterday AXXE reminded Wall Street of why it’s the best trade idea in the pain relief and muscle supplements space. The company confirmed that over the course of 2014 it strengthened its inventory to the tune of $1 million and signed major distribution deals with some of the biggest retailers across the country.

Several other details were highlighted but of particular interest to me was news that AXXE still intends to continue supplying the Army Air force Exchange Service (AAFES) with its TapouT branded line of muscle supplements. Over the course of 2014 AXXE made several big fulfillments to the AAFES and if those orders are increased again this year, I expect the revenue haul to be very strong.

Of course I can’t forget the strong online distribution channels setup over the course of last year. This includes the biggest commercial fish of all –

With such strong fundamentals to start the year you have to wonder of the technicals can be any better, right Well, technically you can’t find a better play to pounce on – certainly not in the extremely popular muscle supplements sector. AXXE has it all.

Up 30% since the start of December, AXXE has seen consolidation below .20.

Relative strength levels just tease upside potential and traders looking for a high-liquidity trade really can’t do better.

AXXE is a very good entry at current levels so make sure your due diligence is pristine on it – ASAP.

Investor Highlights AXXE had one of its biggest revenue performances ever, thanks in large part to the year-round supply of muscle supplements to the Army Air force Exchange Service (AAFES) AXXE said in a recent update that it intends to strengthen its relationship with the AAFES in 2015. According to the update the AAFES had worldwide sales of $9.2 billion last year.

AXXE’s product line was boosted in 2014 with the addition of a TapouT Turbo Blend Protein Powder. The company says it intends to launch an Omega-3 fish oil product in 2015.

AXXE has traded well over the course of 2014 and its 12-month high is .50.

Present valuation is 233% below this high which means AXXE has very strong upside potential AXXE has a RSI of 44. Pullbacks have largely led to the current oversold levels but the reversal opportunity is now very strong.

Liquidity levels are strong and AXXE has average volume of 219K. There’s also some accumulation on the MACD which suggests that a strong breakout could be building.

AXXE is trading just 9% below its 50 DMA. With current momentum being as strong as it is, the window to catch the breakout is small so traders must act fast.

About AXXE AXXE (Axxess Pharma Inc.), a pharmaceutical company, engages in the marketing and distribution of various pharmaceutical products and diagnostic medical devices in Canada and internationally.

AXXE distributes dermatological, therapeutic nutritional, pain management, and diagnostic products.

AXXE’s is a licensee for the TapouT brand and the company has been distributing its own Tapout-branded line of muscle supplements and pain relief supplements.

AXXE distributes its products through physicians, hospitals, government and defense institutions, and pharmacies. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Markham, Canada.

Sports Nutrition to Hit $91.18 Billion Due to a growing global awareness of the importance of exercise to overall health coupled with the increasing acceptance of the nutraceutical market, consumer demand for supplements geared towards sports nutrition will continue to see strong sales. Many supplement manufacturers have expanded offerings for distributors based on increased sales within this segment.

According to BCC Research, the global market for sports nutrition products is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 24.1%, and projected to reach $91.18 billion this year.

One reason for explosive growth of sports performance supplements is a changing product market focus. Traditionally, sports endurance supplements were heavily geared towards body-building and professional athletes.

Recent Developments Axxess Pharma Provides 2014 Year End Update Management Preparing to Enter Big Box Retail Chain Stores, Across United States Within 6 Months TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Jan 5, 2015) – Axxess Pharma Inc. (OTC PINK:

AXXE) a specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements company, is pleased to announce, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AllStar Health Brands Inc., their 2014 Year-End update.

2014 was a strong year for AllStar Health Brands as they expanded their line of all-natural TapouT products, entered their product line into leading online retail stores and retained Acosta, a leading sales and marketing firm serving the markets top consumer goods retail companies such as Kellog`s, Cambell`s and The Clorox Company.

Acosta will be working with AllStar Health Brands to enter their highly recognized TapouT brand into thousands of big box retail chains across the United States. In addition to these accomplishments, AllStar has achieved many other goals, paving the way for global product sales in 2015.

In 2014 AllStar Health Brands:

* Signed major promotional deal with ROC Nation. Under the agreement AllStar Health Brands partnered Roc Nation Sports on their first three boxing events under the throne boxing banner. The first event will be scheduled at none other than Madison Square Garden on Jan 9. Axxess Pharma and Roc Nation Sports will work together to promote the TapouT Muscle product line and throne boxing events.

* 2014 began sales, and received first order with the US Military (Army Air force Exchange Service- AAFES) Based on AllStar Health Brands successful order fulfillments with AAFES throughout 2014, AAFES is now in discussions with the company to expand their distribution of AllStars TapouT Line. AAFES has 130 bases in the US and world-wide. However, world-wide there are 2,817 facilities in 30 countries-all fifty states and five US territories. World-wide retail sales from AAFES facilities, last year reached $9.2 Billion.

* Began online sales through,,, and TapouTMuscle and several other sites.

* Added new products including a 2 lb. TapouT Turbo Blend Protein Powder, a high demand Omega-3 fish oil and soon to be launched: a line of Ready to Drink protein meal replacement products, and an all-natural testosterone booster.

* Expected to be in thousands of big box retail chain stores by middle of 2015. Protein powder and Ready-To-Drink (RTD`s) protein meal replacement products anticipated to be the first of the all-natural TapouT line on the big box shelves.

* Protein Meal Replacement Ready-To-Drink (RTDs), expected to be biggest driver of sales growth for 2015.

* Received Canadian approval for several products including the unique, high potency, premium grade Omega-3 fish oil supplement. The source for the premium Omega-3 Fish Oil is Chilean and Peruvian open-ocean sourced anchovy, sardine and mackerel. This ensures no antibiotics or other additives are part of their diet. Canada`s yearly fish oil sales within the country exceeds $1 billion. AllStar Health Brands anticipates strong sales growth in Canada fueled by aggressive marketing and their globally recognized TapouT name.

* Opened strong international distribution channels with HardCore Beverages of Australia. Distribution to include several countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Indonesia.

* Built up inventory levels of approximately $1 million. Management increased inventory in order to meet the anticipated rise in demand due to the recent agreements additional retailers.

Dr. Daniel Bagi, President of Axxess Pharma, stated, “This has been a very busy and successful year, as we have entered our all-natural TapouT product line into several markets, strengthened our relationship and sales with the US Military (AAFES), retained Acosta, the leading outsourced sales and marketing agency firm serving consumer packaged goods companies and retailers across the United States and Canada.

Acosta will be our major driving force in placing our highly recognized TapouT line into thousands of major big box retail stores across the United States. We have also retained celebrity sponsors and recently partnered with the high profile promotion company Roc Nation.” Dr. Bagi further stated, “Overall, we have barely scratched the surface of where we believe our sales can go in the US and overseas. This is really just the beginning for us. Axxess Pharma believes the launch of our latest products, will add significantly to our revenue growth in 2015.” Start your research on AXXE ASAP.

To learn more about AXXE please visit their website:


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