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Please put AJGH on the top of your watch list for Monday morning!  These days green technology doesn’t just provide a noble vehicle for tree-huggers, or a stable political platform for men in suits and those looking to grab headlines. Today “green” means saving the planet and more importantly, making lots of money.

 Investors and traders have caught the bandwagon too and investing in a green technology company is far more than chance at earning feathers – just ask anyone who’s put money into Tesla Motors. That company is now worth billions and trading at a hefty $252 a share.
 AJGH isn’t there yet. In fact, the play is trading on a 12-month high of .24 and is currently priced around .04. But not having a $252 price tag is the best thing that you could seek as a small cap trader so when you really think about it, AJGH is a must-have at current levels. The company signed a contract with its Taiwan subsidiary to obtain 3 BYD Model K9 Electric Bus components for R&D, production, and distribution. It’s also taken a major long-term strode in signing a MOU with Saint Island Intellectual Property Co., Ltd to acquire its patent for electric motor and advanced controller system. I see an uptrend signal here! All you need to focus on is the gain potential of AJGH in the next few trading days which could be huge! CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL CONTENT DISCLAIMER: Never invest in any stocks featured on our website or e-newsletters unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. Click here for disclaimer . This message was disseminated from StockCabin to . The Center, 30/F
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