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BGNN Adds Two Hot New Products To Existing Line-up Good Morning! Plunkett Research estimates that the green tech industry will make up 5% of global GDP at the end of 2014 – roughly $3.5 trillion. The figures are closely matched by analysts at Roland Berger who in 2011 estimated the green tech industry at $2.67 trillion globally with a forecast of $5.89 trillion by 2025.

What I am hoping you see here is that green tech, and the companies that are in the space are worth every bit of your attention.

BGNN is one f those companies and it has been gaining more and more traction on Wall Street in recent months. The company announced in early December that it has acquired the full rights to the Sock Pocket Organizer product, an innovative green solution to helping consumers with their laundry.

BGNN also recently launched another innovative solution for the medical treatment of everyday minor injuries. The company’s Ice Pack Sack is specifically designed to provide a simple, comfortable, and effective method for applying Hot and Cold Therapy, according to the recent announcement.

The two products now puts BGNN in center position in the race for profits and I expect the company’s market cap of $21.10 million to get a serious upgrade in the coming months.

In the more immediate term though, i.e. right now, BGNN is ready for your attention. The gain potential is wide open to savvy traders. The ladder to BGNN’s is a very short one – volume levels are strong and bounce potential is very enticing.

BGNN is in the midst of an uptrend so the sooner you act on its sub .20 entry pricing the better it will be for your ROI.

Start your research now Investor Highlights BGNN has completed its upgrade of its product line, confirming the addition of two new products capable of generating immediate revenues.

BGNN addition of The Ice Pack Sack now gives the company access to a booming market for sustainable medical hot and cold therapy products. This means BGNN can start hammering away at the $3.5 trillion a year industry for green tech products.

BGNN’s is on a very bullish set of technicals, including a bounce-worthy RSI of 30. The play has very strong momentum having added 90% in the last few days.

BGNN has average volume of 95K. This provides very healthy liquidity and paves the way for swift movement in and out of the play.

BGNN is trading 128% below its 50 DMA of .436. This represents huge upside potential as the undervalued play makes its way higher.

About BGNN BGNN (B Green Innovations, Inc.) focuses on acquiring and identifying technologies that address environmental issues in the United States.

BGNN operates in two segments, Green Products and Interactive Voice Response Software. The company’s products include EcoPod, a shock absorption pad that is used to reduce sound, vibrations, and pulsating of heavy equipment; VibeAway anti-vibration pads that are specially designed washing machine anti-vibration pads for washing and drying cycles; degradable/biodegradable plastic bags comprising an oxo-biodegradable additive; and Wrap-N-Save, a plastic film for sealing paint trays, paint brushes, rollers, and sprayer in-feed. It also supports the interactive voice response software.

BGNN sells its products to wholesale distributors in the heating and air conditioning, appliance, motors, plumbing, maintenance, electrical, tools, and refrigeration industries, as well as to supermarket chain, and other retail sales outlets.

Global Green Tech to Reach $5.89 Trillion By 2025 Plunkett Research estimates the green tech sector to represent about 5% of global GDP for 2014, or approximately $3.5 trillion.

In a 2012 report, Ernst & Young counted nearly 1,400 clean tech-focused companies worldwide with venture capital backing. Analysts at Roland Berger estimated global green tech revenues at $2.67 trillion for 2011, and forecast growth to $5.89 trillion by 2025.

The energy sector, in all of its many facets, is unquestionably a major part of the green tech field. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) counted, as of 2012, 419 publicly-held companies worldwide that generated 50% to 100% of their corporate value through clean energy. For 2013, the firm estimated global investment in clean energy at $254 billion, down from $286.2 billion in 2012 and a record $317.9 billion in 2011.

The application of green technologies, systems and practices need not be especially high tech in nature. For example, better design and engineering is creating packaging that is lighter in weight, more recyclable and less reliant on petrochemicals. This improved engineering is also leading both to products and their related packaging that have a smaller footprint—thus more units can be shipped in one shipping container, cutting down on the total amount of energy used in transporting a large volume of merchandise.

The global consumer class (the “middle class” segment of the population—those with at least enough income to make a modest amount of discretionary purchases) is booming. The middle class grew from about 1.1 billion in 1980 to 2.0 billion by 2011, and is expected by to soar to 5 billion by 2030.

This rapid expansion will put tremendous pressure on resources of all types, including energy, water, food, construction materials and industrial materials. Moreover, this soaring demand will put powerful upward pressure on prices, which, in turn, will make the cost of greener conservation and efficiency technologies increasingly easy to justify.

Recent Developments B Green Innovations, Inc. Adds Ice Pack Sack to Its Product Offerings MATAWAN, NJ–(Marketwired – Dec 8, 2014) – B Green Innovations, Inc. (OTC PINK: BGNN) (“B Green”) announced today it is has added The Ice Pack Sack to its product offerings.

Tired of fumbling with ice cube trays or using a dish towel to cover your gel pack and still not having the right temperature The Ice Pack Sack is the perfect solution. The Ice Pack Sack is specifically designed to provide a simple, comfortable, and effective method for applying Hot and Cold Therapy. Hot and Cold Therapy is a recognized medical treatment for everyday minor injuries. It provides relief from sprains, strains and common muscle pain.

Over the past 36 months, B Green has built a nationwide distribution network for its product lines and intends to sell the Ice Pack Sack through this network.

Mr. Mahoney stated, “We are excited about the addition of The Ice Pack Sack to our existing product line which, if successful, will represent an additional revenue stream for the company.” Green tech is a massive playground of growth and BGNN is your golden ticket for gain potential right now.

Next session is going to be potentially huge for this play so make sure you are in on the action.

To learn more about BGNN please visit their website:

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