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Howdy Traders! We are seeing some ups and downs so far in December, but the month is far from over, and we have a strong chance at booking our 5th straight month of at least 200% in total available returns on alerts. Today’s alert helped that cause, with 16% single-session gains. But we want to see that next big push.

How do plan to get there Well, first off, we are going to lean on our favorite scan: The Monster Market Freak System.

Market Freak alerts have delivered our most power-packed results, with picks moving as much as +375% in one day, +9,275% in 3 days, +125% in an hour, +600% in two hours (all real past results from this scan)… You get the idea.

Overall, Market Freak setups have averaged over +187% returns within hours of initiation over the past 21 months.

Today morning’s alert will hit at 9:30 on our Handy Alert Page, so update t his web address for the full detailed setup.

I know what you’re thinking: “What if I don’t get to that exact web address at that exact time Am I simply out of luck, doomed to watch the missed trade boom away without my cash strapped to its back” Fear not, Friend! We have more good news today: We will also be sending out Today morning’s alert via our new SMS service, delivered right to your mobile phone, free of charge, free of hassle, and easy to stop if you don’t like it.

So far, it’s the best way yet to get the Monster Market Freak served up on a platter, or so say all those who have tried the service.

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Send a text to: 555888 2. The text should say “ VALUE ” 3. Click “ SEND ” That’s it. You will receive a confirmation instantly, and then you’re rollin’ in style.

Now, there is truly no reason to miss out on the next Market Freak! Best regards, Your Editor Value Stock Pick P.S. Add our sender name Value Stock Pick  and sender email address info@valuestockpick.com to your contact list (address book) or safe sender list. Add us now to ensure you get our next report sent directly to your email inbox, and not your junk-spam-box. Remember, timing is everything in the markets and that`s why it’s important to add us now.

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