LAHO is my new pick. This year the numbers are expected to be even bigger.

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LAHO Enters Payment Processing Industry With Strength Good Afternoon! Mobile payment transactions reached a record $235.4 billion in 2013, 44% more than the $163.1 billion recorded in 2012. This year the numbers are expected to be even bigger and Apple’s entry into the space communicates just how much is at stake in this growing sector. The smartphone has transformed the way we shop and pay for stuff and companies that can make that process hassle-free are in line for monstrous profits.

LAHO offers payment processing solutions and recently it’s been getting a lot of attention. It has to do with the company’s big acquisition of Payflex Systems – a start-up company that is focused on eCommerce workflow and intelligence software.

According to the recent release, LAHO plans to develop PayFlex System`s payment platform further to develop a software-as-a-server (SaaS) payment service.

The news has provided a major boost for LAHO and is acting as a strong catalyst, in addition to its bullish technicals, and looks to take the play higher.

Lately interest in the play has manifested strongly across several technical indicators. Volume levels are climbing; in fact, the last session saw a 629% volume breakout.

Pullbacks have brought market valuation below .20 which means that LAHO’s current trading price of .15 a share is an absolute bargain relative to its upside pricing.

Start your research now and move quickly, the momentum behind LAHO means it could pop any moment.

Investor Highlights LAHO recently completed the acquisition of Payflex Systems. It plans to develop the company’s existing payment platform and deliver it as a software-as-a-server (SaaS) payment service.

LAHO is in line for massive revenue potential given the strong growth of mobile payments processing in recent years. 2013 saw more than $235 billion transactions processed.

LAHO is trading on very strong liquidity levels. Average volume of 34K recently gave way to a 629% volume breakout – the clearest signal yet that traders are showing bullish interest.

LAHO has very strong momentum and is up 200% since December 8.

LAHO has a long way to go before it reaches its established 12-month high of .45. The play has a RSI of 49 which means that there is still some undervalued ROI to be unlocked.

About LAHO LAHO (Lans Holdings) offers payment solutions. The company makes it easy for sellers to start selling, and buyers to buy with confidence. LAHO will process credit card payments online. LAHO is Secure and Reliable.

LAHO makes it easy for sellers to start selling, and buyers to buy with confidence. The company processes credit card payments online in a secure and reliable environment.

Mobile Payments Hit $235.4 Billion In 2013 Worldwide mobile payment transaction values reached $235.4 billion in 2013, a 44 percent increase from 2012 values of $163.1 billion, according to Gartner, Inc. The number of mobile payment users worldwide reached 245.2 million in 2013, up from 200.8 million in 2012.

“We expect global mobile transaction volume and value to average 35 percent annual growth between 2012 and 2017, and we are forecasting a market worth $721 billion with more than 450 million users by 2017,” said Sandy Shen, research director at Gartner. “Nevertheless, we have lowered the forecast of total transaction value for the forecast period due to lower-than-expected growth in 2012, especially in North America and Africa.” Near Field Communications` (NFC`s) transaction value has been reduced by more 40 percent throughout the forecast period due to disappointing adoption of NFC technology in all markets in 2012 and the fact that some high-profile services, such as Google Wallet and Isis, are struggling to gain traction. Gartner forecasts that NFC will account for only about 2 percent of total transaction value in 2013 and 5 percent of the total transaction value in 2017, although growth is expected to increase somewhat from 2016 when the penetration of NFC mobile phones and contactless readers increases.

Money transfers and merchandise purchases will account for about 71 percent and 21 percent of total transaction value in 2013, respectively, making them by far the largest contributors. However, worldwide, people are not purchasing as much because the buying experience on mobile devices has yet to be optimized. People are spending less via mobile devices than via online e-commerce services and at retail outlets. Merchandise purchases account for about 23 percent of the total value forecast for 2017.

Money transfer value continues to increase because users are transacting much more frequently (although at lower values) due to the wider availability of services and to transaction costs that are lower than those of traditional bank services. This makes money transfer a leading use case, one that Gartner forecasts to account for almost 69 percent of the total value in 2017.

Bill payment value was expected to grow 44 percent in 2013 and have consistent growth through the forecast period. This is due to higher value per transaction figures as more consumers in developed markets perform bill payments via mobile banking services along with consumers in emerging markets who are transacting at higher values originally forecast. Bill payments will account for about 5 percent of the total value forecast for 2017.

Recent Developments Lans Holdings Enters Payment Processing Industry; Reveals Payment Platform Project Plans London, England / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2014 / Lans Holdings, Inc.

(LAHO)- (The Company) is pleased to announce that it has established technical and business milestones to enter the digital/electronic payment processing industry. Lans Holdings has recently acquired Payflex Systems – a start-up company that is focused on eCommerce workflow and intelligence software. The Company will be developing PayFlex System`s payment platform further to develop a software-as-a-server (SaaS) payment service.

The Company`s platform is different from other processors in 3 ways. First, the Company`s platform has a comprehensive inventory system so that it can manage merchant inventory of goods and services. Second, the Company can manage sales referrals, tracking real-time when a transaction enters into the Company`s system. That way the Company can provide analytics to the merchant on where sales originate. Third, the platform can send out receipts upon a completed transaction on behalf of the merchant.

Typical payment processors just offer the processing of payments – they are simply transaction routers. As illustrated above, the Company has added value services built into its system, so that it can aid merchants in completing transactions.

The next milestone for this platform is to establish a partnership with merchant account providers and to connect the Company`s payment processor with payment gateways so that the Company can handle a myriad of transaction types.

“We are excited to be looking to enhance payment and ecommerce methods in this increasingly growing industry,” States Trevor Allen, President of Lans Holdings.

The Company welcomes the public to follow it on its website at to learn more about the Company and its upcoming corporate plans in the exciting and lucrative sector of digital payments.

You can find the Company`s feeds on twitter at as well.

Everyone will be following Apple’s lead… Well, not everyone, LAHO got there before the tech giant. Only capital sets the two apart as forward-looking payments pioneers and that difference means you get to buy .15 share LAHO and avoid $112 a share Apple.

LAHO is a good bargain at current levels and if you act fast you can make some strong gain potential.

To learn more about LAHO please visit their website:

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