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Axxess Pharma Inc. (AXXE) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Axxess Pharma, Inc. (AXXE), through its wholly owned subsidiary, AllStar Health Brands Inc., recently announced “that it plans to offer a shareholder dividend for year end 2015” based on “the expected major increase in sales across its entire product line, along with new sales from the introduction of new products.” “2014 has been a launch year for Axxess Pharma and our TapouT-branded products,” said AXXE`s President, Dr. Daniel Bagi in a Dec. 2 press release. “Sales have begun, and we look forward to ramping up significantly as we move forward. As we enter into 2015 we expect to have our products offered at several big-box retail outlets, to go along with a massive increase in promotional efforts and visibility. We are extremely excited by our upcoming sales initiatives and marketing campaigns and expect these to translate very quickly into sales volume increases. We also expect to see a significant uptick in online sales with the launch of our traffic-directed websites: and

“For all these reasons we strongly believe a dividend representing approximately 10% of our net profit, will be issued to our shareholders at the end of 2015. At this time we cannot guarantee that we will undertake such dividend but it is our intention.” To read the Dec. 2 press release in its entirety, visit: Disclaimer:

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