ENRT delivers, breakout play is on

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Enertopia, Inc (ENRT)


Morning again,   Just a quick update on ENRT. Some of you who were very quick at the open had the chance to make some nice scalping gains, but the real winners might just be those who bought after the morning open pullback.   There was strong support at $0.525 (just like I mentioned in my original email) and now its trading at $0.059 – a 12% gain.   Of course we think ENRT could continue to go much higher from here. It may be a little choppy on the way up, but the level 2 is looking quite thin and there is still strong support at $0.05 and above.   Make sure you continue to focus on ENRT today. If you missed the big news the company released this morning, keep reading below.   All the best.   PennyStockGeneral.com   —————————————————————   Morning all,   Just a quick update on ENRT, they announced some pretty big news this morning that Health Canada has advanced their application to become a licensed medical marijuana producer in to the Enhanced Screening Stage of the application process.   Check it out… 

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2014 / Enertopia Corporation (ENRT-OTCBB) (TOP-CSE) (the "Company" or "Enertopia") is pleased to announce that Health Canada has advised the Company that the Burlington, Ontario application has advanced to the Enhanced Screening Stage of the application process.

The company is pleased to advise shareholders that its license application with joint venture partner, Lexaria Corp (LXRP), submitted for licensed producer in July 2014 is now at the Enhanced Screening process. Ontario Operations Manager Mr. Donald Shaxon is the responsible p erson in charge of the Burlington JV.

The Burlington Joint Venture with Lexaria Corp has applied to produce 10,000kg of Medical Marihuana per year under its Licensed Producer application. Enertopia has 51% interest in the joint venture and Lexaria Corp 49% as disclosed on April 9, 2014 in Enertopia`s press release #201424 and press release #201439.

The Burlington JV has requested a Ready to build letter from Health Canada once the application has made it through step 4 of the approval process.

For those not familiar with the Health Canada process for becoming a licensed producer, below are the levels to be reached through the application process. Note there are no specific process times for each step:

Step 1: Preliminary Screening (Completed) Step 2: Enhanced Screening (Underway) Step 3: Security Clearance Step 4: Review Step 5: Ready to build letter (if required by applicant) Step 6: Pre-licence inspection Step 7: Licensing

The Joint Venture (JV) has been active in the local community and has received very good community and media support. The JV also met with the local policing authority and upon licensing by Health Canada we have proposed that the local police could conduct security and swat team training at the facility. We are very pleased to be working closely with law enforcement and look forward to their insights in preventative and proactive security measures.

On November 24, 2014 Health Canada updated the number of Licensed Producers to grow and sell Marijuana to 14 and the number of Licensed Producers to grow Marijuana at 8 for a current total of 22 Licensed Producers in Canada. "Enertopia looks forward to the next steps in the application process and receiving a letter to build in 2015. In 2015 Enertopia we will be launching education and wellness seminars to help educate the public and medical community on the responsible and educated uses of Medical Marijuana" Stated President / CEO Robert McAllister.   Read at http://finance.yahoo.com/news/enertopia-provides-burlington-mmpr-130000952.html   I`m hoping ENRT has a big day today, make sure you are watching and be ready to move this morning at the opening bell.   PennyStockGeneral.com    

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