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Good Morning Main Street Trader! I was extremely excited when this very familiar ticker hit my screen.

Blue Water Global (BLUU) caught my eye back in May of this year, at just under a penny.

Since then, BLUU has climbed the chart [ ] to $.023 cents/share for a reported 250% price gain.

It just goes to show you, If you`re in the know, these basement price tags create situations that can generate explosive gains.

The question is –Is it going higher ========================NEW ALERT: BLUU Name: Blue Water Global Group. Inc.

Last: $.023 cents ========================

Blue Water Global Group, Inc. focuses on developing a chain of casual dining restaurants in popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean region.

The company intends to operate its restaurant under the Blue Water Bar & Grill name located in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. BLUU also develops premium distilled spirits under the Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum name BLUU is making all the right moves [ ], there recent restructuring and reduction of over 50% of the common shares truly enhanced shareholder value.

BREAKING NEWS: Blue Water Prepares for Rum Distribution, Secures Warehouse. Blue Water Global Group, Inc. (BLUU [ ]) announces that it has secured a warehouse in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies to store and facilitate the regional sale and distribution of its line of premium rums as well as retail merchandise for its Blue Water Bar & Grill(TM) presently under development on the island.You can look the world over and never find a tourist destination as perfectly designed and rich in potential as the Caribbean. A place where hundreds of tropical islands create a seemingly endless palette of sights, sounds, and activities drawing in millions of vacationers every year from the U.S. and around the world.

The Caribbean is the cruise industry`s mother lode, where huge people-packed ships can glide from port to tropical port, representing billions of dollars in revenue.

To hungry island economies, the continuous supply of tourist dollars underpins almost everything, and promises to grow as the Caribbean becomes one of the world`s top vacation destinations. St. Maarten in the Dutch West Indies, for example, is visited by over 1 1/2 million people annually, and it`s just one of many developing ports.

From a market opportunity standpoint, the Caribbean is a prime example of a rising sea lifting all ships, and the principal target of Blue Water Global Group, Inc. (BLUU [ ]).

Here is where I think Blue Water found their niche that could propel the stock even higher! It`s no surprise that food plays a big role in any vacation experience, and Blue Water has identified a major weakness in the Caribbean restaurant base.

Part of this lack of attention to island food service opportunities is no doubt due to the emphasis that major cruise lines, like Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH), tend to put upon on-board food.

The association in people`s minds between cruise ships and food is so solid that cruise ships are seen by many as floating food courts.

It`s becoming increasingly clear that cruise passengers are looking for more than ship-based fare, no matter how diverse the cruise industry attempts to make it.

In the case of the Caribbean, visitors want their island stops to include great local restaurants that better capture the atmosphere of the Caribbean.

What Blue Water found was that Caribbean ports are still limited in food service options, with a few high-priced gourmet style restaurants surrounded by a scattering of small family-owned restaurants that are overpriced and of variable quality.

It became clear that what is badly needed is a strong and dependable restaurant brand, offering a memorable Caribbean experience, a brand so consistent in quality and affordable in price that returning visitors would always look for it.

It would start on one island, but soon spread throughout the region, offering both new and returning tourists a name that would come to be associated with great food, a great atmosphere, and a feeling that this is a can`t-miss part of a Caribbean vacation.

To this end, Blue Water is developing a restaurant brand that targets exactly those goals.

The Blue Water Bar & Grill is designed to capture the look and feel of the Caribbean, with a large covered patio offering an open-air environment and water view, a pool with a swim-up bar, and fire pits to enhance the effect.

To this will be added dependably high-quality food at reasonable prices.

The company is already in the final stages of getting government approval for their first restaurant in St. Maarten, one of the busiest and most popular of all Caribbean ports.

From there, Blue Water plans to expand at the rate of approximately one new location annually to Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Nassau.

Too many companies go to significant effort and expense to capture part of a market, and then fail to leverage their investment by expanding on their brand. A mistake that Blue Water has been careful to avoid.

As they start up and grow their Caribbean restaurant base, the company is simultaneously developing a line of premium Caribbean rums, to serve at their restaurants and for customers to take home with them via retail distributors.

The idea is to strengthen the Blue Water brand in the mind of the consumer as the essence of a Caribbean good time, something that the consumer can take back with them as a reminder.

Rum is the quintessential drink of the Caribbean, and not lost on Blue Water is the fact that the power of their brand will grow as tourists serve these premium rum products to friends and neighbors on their return, all while talking about the great times they had in the Caribbean.

Blue Water has been developing the line of premium rums through their wholly owned subsidiary, Blue Water Beverage Brands, Ltd.

The rums, produced in the Dominican Republic, are made of organically grown Caribbean sugar cane, harvested at the peak of freshness, and carefully crafted by a master rum maker.

The first two Blue Water rums, Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum(TM) and spiced Blue Water Caribbean Gold(TM) Premium Rum, are furthest along, and will be offered very soon through distribution channels to islands beyond St. Maarten, such as the exclusive St. Barts, French West Indies, and Anguilla, British West Indies.

Rum is a fast growing spirit, appreciated by leading spirit producers like Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd. (OTC:STBFY) and Brown-Forman Corp. (BF-A [ ]), both of which have expanded their rum presence.

You can ignore my ideas at your own peril but I think it pays off to see some ideas early.

The buzz on BLUU gets louder and it`s no stranger to big moves, refresh that chart [ ] because I think it`s going higher! ========================HIGH ALERT: BLUU Name: Blue Water Global Group. Inc.

Last: $.023 cents ========================

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