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———————————————————— ** ———————————————————— ———————————————————— Lexaria Corp. LXRP It has been several weeks since we last zeroed in on a new interest in the cannabis sector, and this morning`s new topic of discussion, LXRP, falls under that category.

One of the main factors drawing us to this play is the total commitment the company has recently begun to show in focusing all its resources toward furthering its position in the marijuana space during a time when support for the allowance of medical marijuana in this country is at an all-time high. This includes the sale of domestic oil assets that will provide the funds to make the company debt-free for the first time since 2007, as well as continue to move forward with different opportunities involving cannabis and its beneficial chemical compounds.

There certainly are quite a few irons in the fire; the sheer number and content of recent press releases alone demonstrates LXRP`s commitment to establishing itself as a player in both the Canadian medical marijuana market (through Health Canada`s MMPR program) and the U.S in places where marijuana and CBD-infused products are now legal. We`ll provide links to those announcements at the bottom of this report.

Lexaria began its shift toward cannabis back in March, when it teamed up with Enertopia Corp. (OTCQB:ENRT) in a joint venture that would go on to file an application with Heath Canada in July to produce 10,000kg of medical marijuana each year under the MMPR program. At $5/gram, those production levels could generate some $50 million per year in revenue of which Lexaria would be entitled to 49%. That application is still pending as the Canadian government sifts through the 1000-odd submissions it has received for medical marijuana producer licenses.

The venture with Enertopia, combined with another one struck with Huntington Property Group this spring, when all is said and done, could provide up to 140,000 square feet of growing space. According to some current producers figures, each square foot has the potential to yield up to $1000/year in revenue.

In addition to its joint ventures pertaining to grow operations, in November LXRP acquired 51% of PoViva Corp., which is where the CBD-infused products come in. According to the corresponding PR, “PoViva owns two patents pending that govern the process used to infuse the CBD into food products, and both patents pending are part of the acquisition.” For those who may be unfamiliar, CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the 85 cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant, and according to a growing number of studies, has a number of legitimately beneficial medical uses.

Something else that alerting us to the potential of LXRP is the tight share structure; a low float play like this one can move up on a puff of air, and has the potential to very quickly turn into the type of rapid mover that we`re constantly trying to track down.

With regard to the chart itself, the stock has been trending off of a bottom for the past several weeks, and for the first time in months, LXRP has breached and closed above its 20DMA. It appears key resistance is set up at the recent swing high of .11, and if LXRP can break that point, the next areas of resistance crop up at the 200DMA and 50DMA of .172 and .18 respectively. A return to those levels from the current price would mean triple-digit gains for LXRP so we`ll definitely have this one on our radars going forward.

This morning, we got a news update on LXRP`s growers license application, with the company signifying that it has passed the preliminary screening phase, and is underway with the advanced screening phase >>> READ PR ( OTHER RECENT NEWS:

* Lexaria: Moving Beyond the MMPR with PoViva ( (Mon, Dec 1) * Lexaria Enters Agreement to Sell Belmont Lake Oil Assets ( (Mon, Dec 1) * Epilepsy Seizures Drop 50% in Cannabidiol Study ( (Mon, Nov 24) * Lexaria Launches Medical Advisory Board ( (Thu, Nov 20) * Lexaria Makes Progress on Numerous Fronts ( (Tue, Sep 23) * Lexaria Launches National Medical Marijuana Outreach Plan ( (Thu, Sep 18) Get More Info on LXRP @ ( ———————————————————— ============================================================

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