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I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with friends and family! I wanted to reach out to you to offer a special Affiliate Offer that will allow you to help spread the word about ProTraderElite.com and at the same time make some Money doing it! I have setup a ClickBank Offering of memberships to our trading group.

I will be giving you 75% of the 1st months Membership for EACH Person you get and 30% for EVERY Single Month that person stays subscribed! In order to help you get people to sign up through you I am giving a special discount price of $79 per Month! Now let me explain how this would work……

Say you get 10 people to sign up, for that you will receive $53 and change per person (clickbank takes a fee, because 75% would be $59.25).

Well 10 people means your getting a quick $530 Month One! Now you keep all 10 people active for Month Two and you get another 10 people to join Month Two than your check will be $750 (because you get 30% of the previous members)….. Let`s see what would happen after just 1 year if you keep getting 10 people per Month and they all stay subscribed:

Month 1: $530 Month 2: $750 Month 3: $970 Month 4: $1,190 Month 5: $1,410 Month 6: $1,630 Month 7: $1,850 Month 8: $2,070 Month 9: $2,290 Month 10: $2,510 Month 11: 2,730 Month 12: $2,950 So in ONE Year you just made an extra $20K!!! Imagine you actually were able to get ONE Person Per Day Sign up so 30 Per Month and EVERYONE stayed, than your Yearly Number would be: $62K! Not bad right Well if you want to try this out Open a ClickBank Account NOW (just go to http://www.ClickBank.com) than PROMOTE ProTraderElite.com by going to this link: https://accounts.clickbank.com/mkplSearchResult.htmdores=true&includeKeywords=ProTraderElite It`s simple to promote, just send it to EVERYONE on your contact list, facebook, instagram, twitter and any other forums, chatrooms or places you want! Sincerely, John Guzman John@protraderelite.com You are subscribed to this mailing list as . Please use the link below to modify your message preferences or

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