UTMR enters into memorandum of understanding to acquire Custom

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Ultimate Rack Inc. (UTMR) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ultimate Rack Inc. (UTMR) is a holdings company focusing on acquisitions in the travel, leisure and lifestyle industries. The company`s strategic partner, Travopoly Travel, operates a free subscription-based travel booking and membership site at www.travopolytravel.com.

“Together, we are focused on acquiring local, brick-and-mortar travel agencies with existing revenues and a loyal customer base that would stand to benefit from joining a larger, public organization such as UTMR,” said UTMR`s CEO Robert Oblon in an Aug. 21 press release. “In addition, Travopoly has a number of branded, booking engines that target very popular destinations worldwide. These online properties, combined with newly acquired agencies in the U.S., can create a diversified portfolio of travel-centric operators.” UTMR targets acquisitions of travel agencies with revenues of under $2M Earlier this year, UTMR announced that it identified a short-list of brick-and-mortar travel agencies that meet its criteria as potential acquisitions. Among this criteria includes an agency with a niche, geographic footprint, preferred supplier relationships, an established customer base, with annual revenues of up to $2M with the potential for profitable growth, according to a Sept. 9 press release.

Following a strategic alliance and definitive consulting agreement with Travopoly Travel, an online leisure travel booking firm and tour operator, UTMR is pursuing a roll-up strategy of small to mid-sized brick-and-mortar travel agencies that can be acquired at a discount given current market conditions, the Sept. 9 press release stated.

“Our focus is on acquiring agents who operate from dedicated offices that want to accelerate sales, while maintaining personalized service to best suit the more complex tour and destination travel industry,” said UTMR`s CEO Robert Oblon in the Sept.

9 press release.

UTMR announces Memorandum of Understanding to acquire Custom Travel Service A month later, UTMR announced that it entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the principals of Custom Travel Service (CTS), based in St. Louis, Missouri, to acquire 100% of the assets of the firm. Upon the closing of the acquisition, CTS will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of UTMR, an Oct. 7 press release stated.

“CTS is a small, but profitable leisure travel booking agency focused on providing in-person and telephone assistance to new and repeat customers,” Oblon said in the Oct. 7 press release. “With an established revenue stream, CTS will be accretive to both our top and bottom-lines upon the close of the acquisition, which should be by the end of this year.” Donna Knapp, General Manager of CTS added in the Oct. 7 press release: “We are excited about the upcoming ability to provide more value to our existing client base and to attract new clients with an established brand and team behind us.” Recent event called `a huge success` Most recently, UTMR announced that “its strategic partner Travopoly Travel`s sold out Happiness Vacationar at the award-winning Azul Fives resort in Cancun was a huge success.” The Happiness Vacationar, featured speakers including Shawn Achor, Chris Gardner, Jenn Lim, Dr. Steve Taubman, Michelle Gielan, Hedi Hanna, Larry Benet, and Mazafer Najfi, a Nov. 19 press release stated.

Speakers interacted with the audience, in presentations that in most cases featured new material. Attendees were treated to book signings with Chris Gardner and Shawn Achor. Events included interactive beachside get-togethers with the speakers, an integral part of an exciting experience that will be repeated in the upcoming Vacationar series.

“This inaugural Vacationar brought the world`s top leaders of happiness research and experience together at one of the world`s top destinations,” said Jim Menge, President of Travopoly Travel in the Nov. 19 press release. “The audience was inspired, challenged and left renewed.” To learn more about UTMR, visit: http://www.ultimaterackinc.com/


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