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Wednesday`s Alert: HIMR ————————————————————– Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers.

Today we are looking into a new 5 cent company that operates in a very exciting industry. There is one catalyst behind this ticker to watch. Our report dives into what could happen if it came to fruition.

Wednesday`s play to watch is:

HIMR – Hollund Industrial Marine HIMR offers services that cater to every step of the under-water timber harvesting process. We`ve all heard of cutting down trees grown ABOVE ground – HIMR is doing something that appears a lot more complicated – underwater harvesting! Hollund`s model includes resource assessments, permitting, environmental and project planning, logging, milling, product branding and sales.

Hollund Industrial, Inc. went public in November of 2007. The Company was formed to leverage the management team`s 40-plus years of experience and expertise in order to meet growing demand for hi-tech industrial equipment solutions and infrastructure related project services worldwide.

In February of 2008, Hollund acquired the exclusive patents to TigerLynk Technology. In July of 2008, the Company changed its name from Hollund Industrial, Inc. to Hollund Industrial Marine Inc. to reflect the new business focus.

Yesterday, HIMR closed at $0.041 on light volume.

Underwater Timber – Highlights from company website:

In the reservoirs behind many dams around the world, there are vast underwater forests that were not cleared prior to flooding the reservoir.

According to Hydro Review Worldwide Magazine, over 50,000 large hydro dams are operating around the globe, with hundreds more projects currently under construction or in the proposed or planning stages.

These same reservoirs offer an unprecedented opportunity for applying Hollund’s minimal-impact harvesting practices to underwater timber rediscovery.

Consider the following:

* An estimated 300 million standing trees worth $50B in large dam reservoirs worldwide * Panama’s Bayano Reservoir covers roughly 35,000 hectares (86,487 acres) of rainforest * Panama’s Gatun Reservoir covers roughly 42,000 hectares (105,119 acres) of rainforest These numbers hint at the scope and magnitude of the global untapped market opportunity available to Hollund.

Revenues Coming! A quick glance at HIMR`s financials will tell you that the company has yet to generate any significant revenue. Will empty top-line numbers be a thing of the past Last night we sent you the full press release, this excerpt highlights what we feel are the most important parts.

Hollund & Partners Get Green Light to Begin Full-Scale Operations at Bayano Reservoir HIMR Officially Set to Generate First Revenues From Underwater Timber Harvesting June 30, 2014 – BLAINE, WA – Hollund Industrial Marine, Inc., an underwater forest management company, announced today that Bayano Lake Wood Products Corp. (“BLWP“), a Panamanian company formed between Hollund and B&B Madera (“Senior Partner”), has been officially cleared to begin full scale underwater timber harvesting operations on the Bayano Reservoir effective immediately.

“It has been a sometimes frustrating but necessary journey in order for us to realize this major milestone,” said Peter Meier, President of Hollund.

“I am excited to say that we stayed with it and can finally look forward to seeing the crews on the lake harvesting and landing timber.”…

The very first line (following the headline) states that the company is set to report their FIRST revenues now that this project was given the green light. This is a huge milestone for any company! The Bayano Reservoir Project is situated in the Bayano Reservoir in Panama, covering approximately 1000-hectares of densely inundated rainforest. The timber has been standing submerged since 1976 when the Bayano Dam was first built and the area was flooded.

The term of the harvest concession permit is for five years, with renewal options. The goal of forest harvest activities is the removal of the accessible timber in BLWP’s permitted areas for the primary purposes of selling or processing eco-friendly forest products.

BLWP’s method of logging at Bayano Lake utilizes standard industry practices (diver based). Hollund’s plan is to mechanize the timber harvest operations utilizing specialized harvester equipment.

The exposure HIMR is receiving is just beginning. We will have our eyes on HIMR the remainder of the week. Stay tuned for more info and make sure you`re watching HIMR when the bell rings this morning.

Have you considered HIMR yet ————————————————————– Disclaimer:

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