FBCD is an amazing low float sub-penny play tomorrow

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FBC Holding, Inc (FBCD)

    Greetings all ,   It`s been a while. I wanted to let the dust settle from the long Thanksgiving weekend before I brought you another play. And I`m very confident it will be worth the wait.   FBC holding, Inc (FBCD) has what could be one of the smallest market caps & float I have EVER seen. According to OTCMarkets.com , FBCD has a market cap of just $107k – crazy small.   Combine that with its beaten down chart, we think FBCD could bounce big in the coming days.


FBCD also has a history of making big short term gains from oversold lows … 100%+ short term moves have been common in FBCD over the past several months.   Now it appears like it could have found support right here at 52 week lows . We think it could provide us with a dream trade this week.

    About FBC Holdings   FBCD develops and markets innovative products with their core focus in the Health and Wellness sector. Their Management is experienced in Direct to Consumer Marketing and distribution with key relationships at QVC and HSN.   FBCD sells directly to consumers online and through domestic and international distributors giving our products a global reach.   FBC Holding`s Interactive Division is solely focused on marketing cutting edge technologies and innovative products.  FBCD employs only the most proven methodologies – primarily Direct Response Television (DRTV) – to advertise, market, and distribute its products, commanding a dominant retail presence in any and all targeted markets.  The company`s repertoire is diverse, with primary focus and expertise honed on toy and entertainment products, as well as consumer and healthcare products and branding.

  Importantly, their CEO, Frank Russo, is an experienced marketer with an envious resume, including…

Gladiator Sales Inc. managed sales of Puma North America, including Footwear, Apparel and Accessories

Marketed to Foot Locker, Bloomingdale`s, Nordstrom, Macy`s, Barney`s, Sak`s Fifth Ave., Lord & Taylor, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Built the business to over $90 million in revenues with 13 sales associates covering Northeast Corridor. For more information, visit their corporate website at http://fbcd-inc.com     Major News Announced

  FBCD recently announced major news that they have signed an agreement with the successful health and beauty cosmetics company, Leigh Valentine Beauty, to oversee the sales and marketing of its entire product line.   The deal represents another significant step for FBCD as it expands the companies health and beauty product line.  In September, the company launched another health and beauty line with its new holding, COCO-AMO which continues to exceed sales projections both nationally and internationally.

Started by its namesake and CEO, Leigh Valentine in 1998, Leigh Valentine Beauty is famously known for its anti-aging product line, the "Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit."  In the past ten years, the company has seen over $300 million in sales through the QVC network and direct-to-television (DTV) marketing campaigns.

Moving forward with the signed contract, FBC will manage the sales, distribution and marketing for the cosmetics company.   FBC will begin with an immediate investment in the company`s infrastructure, web site, and inventory.  Additionally, FBC will be updating the company`s social marketing strategies and web presence with a complete redesign of its web site and various social networking channels.

Given Valentine`s existing profitable relationships with QVC, as well as a proven track record with DTV marketing successes, FBC will be continuing to exploit these outlets as well.

"We`re very excited to be working with Leigh Valentine," said Frank Russo, CEO of FBC Holdings, "Having seen a successful launch with COCO-AMO, this contract with a proven successful product will help us realize a more diverse and strong base from which to continue growing our involvement in the health and beauty business."

For more information regarding Leigh Valentine Beauty visit http://www.leighvalentine.com/

  Recent Headlines

FBC Holding Inc. Announces Launch of New Corporate Website and Branding PR Newswire (Thu 02:15) FBC Holding Inc. Signs Sales and Marketing Contract with Leigh Valentine Beauty Cosmetics PR Newswire (Tue 25 Nov) FBC and COCO-AMO Sign Contract with National Cosmetic Distributor We Are Onyx PR Newswire (Thu 20 Nov) FBC Holding, Inc. Announces National Distribution Deal Larger Than Current Market Cap of Company PR Newswire (Fri 14 Nov) FBC Holding Inc. and COCO-AMO Receive First International Order Marketwired (Thu 13 Nov) FBC Looks to Sell COCO-AMO Products Through the Largest Health & Beauty Distributor in the US Marketwired (Fri 7 Nov) FBC Deal With COCO-AMO Retail Presence With Purchase Order of $7,000 Marketwired (Fri 7 Nov) FBC and COCO-AMO in Discussion With Distributors About Purchasing 3,500 Units of Product Marketwired (Wed 29 Oct) FBC and COCO-AMO to Receive 7,000 Units This Week Marketwired (Thu 23 Oct) FBC Deal With COCO-AMO Increases Sales From Internet Campaign and Launched in Metro New York Marketwired (Mon 20 Oct)   Remember, FBCD has an amazingly small market cap & float , and is trading at 52 week lows .   It appears as though it may have found support right here. FBCD has a history of making triple digit short term moves , and we think it is set up well to deliver tomorrow .   Make sure you do your research tonight and be ready to pounce tomorrow morning at the opening bell. You definitely do not want to be late and miss the ride.


The Team www.PennyStockGeneral.com  

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