The Best Asset Class in Human History

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Follow us on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook View this email in your browser ( Facebook ( Twitter ( YouTube ( ** The Best Asset Class in Human History ———————————————————— Dear Reader, Outside of starting your own business, there is one asset class that is by far the best investment vehicle we have access to.

Jeremy Siegel, Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania did a 210-year study on 5 liquid assets. Here are the results for $1 invested going back to 1802.

** 5 Different Asset Classes, 1802 to 2012:

———————————————————— * $1 of cash is was worth $0.05 * $1 in gold was $4.52 * $1 in Treasury bills was $281 * $1 in bonds was $1,778 * $1 in stocks was $704,997 ** “Stocks worldwide have survived depressions, market crashes, panics, world wars, and even government collapse.” ———————————————————— The currency may change, but the real estate, business and people who make up a publicly traded company are still around. It`s one of the reasons why we consider safe stocks a core asset in our allocation strategy going forward, despite the systematic risks the global monetary system faces.** Forever Stock Portfolio ———————————————————— * Super Power Businesses * Relentless Dividend Increases * Brand Name Recognition to All ** Safest Businesses in the World ———————————————————— Our Forever Stock suggestions are exactly the kind of businesses you want to own during a crisis. Just like gold, when the dust settles, you will be certain that your money is safe in a businesses that will endure.

** The Most Important Step to Safely Compounding Your Wealth ———————————————————— To make money when you buy, you have to buy at the right price. Everyone knows and sees the lasting use of Google, but right now Google (GOOG) is expensive. Apple (AAPL) is a great company, one we suggested at $56, but today it’s over $118. Apple is a company we want to hold, but it’s no longer a good buy.

Buying at the wrong price can be devastating, even if you are buying a safe Forever Stock like Coca-Cola (KO). Investors who bought it at the height of the tech bubble in 1998 paid $43 (split adjusted) a share, a price they wouldn`t see again until 2014. Each month, we do our best to deliver the type of companies I have just referred to, at the right price. Consistent dividend paying stocks who dominate their industry and are either crucial to our society or loved by all.

This is just one of the many benefits you will receive by logging into our premium membership.

To Learn More, Click Here ( Bonus: Included in our Smart Money Forever Stock Portfolio is our performance stock suggestions and our True-Hedge Strategy, which was recently touted by Tony Robbins in his new book as a place where billionaires were keeping their money.

He interviewed 50 of the most successful people on Earth looking for where the best places and strategies for your money are… What is noted as one of the most secret strategies was essentially exactly what we are teaching with our True Hedge updates.

Best Regards, Daniel Ameduri President, P.S.

I`ve recently set up my 5th True Hedge account. My entire family has one now – even our 6-month-old daughter. I`m not done, either; one of the wealthiest Austrian economists I read recently revealed he has 49 of these accounts for himself and his family.


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