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I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with friends and family! I wanted to reach out to you to offer a special Affiliate Offer that will allow you to help spread the word about and at the same time make some Money doing it! I have setup a ClickBank Offering of memberships to our trading group.

I will be giving you 75% of the 1st months Membership for EACH Person you get and 30% for EVERY Single Month that person stays subscribed! In order to help you get people to sign up through you I am giving a special discount price of $79 per Month! Now let me explain how this would work……

Say you get 10 people to sign up, for that you will receive $53 and change per person (clickbank takes a fee, because 75% would be $59.25).

Well 10 people means your getting a quick $530 Month One! Now you keep all 10 people active for Month Two and you get another 10 people to join Month Two than your check will be $750 (because you get 30% of the previous members)….. Let`s see what would happen after just 1 year if you keep getting 10 people per Month and they all stay subscribed:

Month 1: $530 Month 2: $750 Month 3: $970 Month 4: $1,190 Month 5: $1,410 Month 6: $1,630 Month 7: $1,850 Month 8: $2,070 Month 9: $2,290 Month 10: $2,510 Month 11: 2,730 Month 12: $2,950 So in ONE Year you just made an extra $20K!!! Imagine you actually were able to get ONE Person Per Day Sign up so 30 Per Month and EVERYONE stayed, than your Yearly Number would be: $62K! Not bad right Well if you want to try this out Open a ClickBank Account NOW (just go to than PROMOTE by going to this link: It`s simple to promote, just send it to EVERYONE on your contact list, facebook, instagram, twitter and any other forums, chatrooms or places you want! Sincerely, John Guzman You are subscribed to this mailing list as . Please use the link below to modify your message preferences or

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