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Follow us on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook View this email in your browser ( Facebook ( Twitter ( YouTube ( Shocking Discovery ( Dear Reader, Earlier this morning, I told you about a secret savings account my wife and I have set up for ourselves and our 3 children.

** These are literally the safest accounts in the world! ———————————————————— * Paying out a guaranteed return * That is 7X higher than a Savings Account * Tax Free * Completely Protected from both Wall Street and the IRS When I first discovered these accounts, I couldn’t believe that I had never heard about them anywhere. I mean, I’ve been reading books about investing since I was 12 years old.

Yet here were these accounts that the Rothschild’s set up for their family as far back as 1824. Walt Disney used his to help fund Disneyland. And then there’s the list of high ranking elected officials: JFK, FDR, Senator McCain, and even Vice President Biden.

To learn that these specialized accounts were legally prohibited from being advertised was disturbing, to say the least, but then what shocked me was when I discovered who the top account holders were for these specialized savings accounts.

1. Wells Fargo 2. JPMorgan Chase 3. PNC Financial 4. Bank of America 5. Citibank “Stunning admission: the very entities that are selling us mutual funds and CD’s are hoarding cash in specialized accounts that are held completely outside of the banking sector.” Click Here To Get All the Details ( Sincerely, Daniel Ameduri Each month we issue out a new Forever Stock in our premium membership ( area which, right now, is just $35 a month. We find you the cheapest superpower businesses – companies that dominate their markets and have a history of rewarding their shareholders. see our entire portfolio, along with our Cash Flow for Life letters.


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