GYST could explode here – 52 week low consolidation

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Graystone Co Inc (GYST)

    Traders ,

  Today`s "breakout" play failed to fire. It`s not to say it won`t over the coming days, but today was not the day.   The good news was the downside was limited.   Now I am going to shock you. I don`t normally profile such low priced companies, but tomorrow I want you to check out a triple zero stock that came to my attention today.   Graystone Company, Inc (GYST) has been trending along 52 week lows for the past few weeks and could be ready to shoot higher off these levels.

  Here are a few reasons GYST has peaked my interest:   1/ The chart has been "bottom feeding" off these levels for a while now . Any kind of catalyst could see GYST move higher.   2/ GYST has a history of big short term gains . GYST has previously made triple digit gains in one day. And now its priced at 52 week lows, these gains could potentially be on tap.   3/ Extremely low market cap – GYST has a market cap of only $325k . This is extremely small for micro cap companies. As you know, I love small market cap companies because generally a smaller market cap means less shares to be traded, and value investors, along with traders, help create momentum.   4/ The toxic debt is gone . GYST had previously taken on convertible debt that had the effect of diluting the holdings of existing shareholders, but it appears this debt has now been repaid in full ( as confirmed in this SEC filing ) and the Company has stated it will not taken on any more such debt ( confirmed in this SEC filing – paragraph 4 )

Take a look at the chart below…


  There`s not a whole lot of technical analysis that can go into this chart. The appeal to many is that it has been consolidating at 52 week lows, and given its history of fast, short term gains, as well as its small market cap, GYST has the potential to be an exciting trade.


About GYST


The Graystone Company Inc (GYST), is a mining corporation dedicated to building and maintaining continuous, sustainable economic growth while providing meaningful employment to the community we`re a part of. We strive to increase shareholder value through our diverse business model to generate equitable results for all shareholders.

  The Company is focused on acquiring and developing gold and other mineral properties. The Company`s strategy is to build value for shareholders by the identification, acquisition and exploration of early-stage properties that show significant potential for the discovery of gold. 

You can take a look at their website here .   Recent GYST Headlines…

Graystone July Production Results Business Wire (Thu 7 Aug) Graystone Company July Production Update Business Wire (Wed 23 Jul) Graystone June Production and Revenue Update Business Wire (Wed 9 Jul) Graystone Company Announces Record Gold Production for May 2014 Business Wire (Thu 5 Jun) Graystone Company Announces Gold and Copper Production Update Business Wire (Tue 27 May) Graystone Company Announces Copper Mining Update Business Wire (Thu 15 May) Graystone Company Announces Record Production and Corporate Update Business Wire (Tue 6 May) Graystone Company Announces Production and Corporate Update Business Wire (Thu 24 Apr) Graystone Company Announces Expansion of Suriname Operations Business Wire (Fri 18 Apr)

The bottom line is GYST has a market cap of $325k (very few micro cap companies have a market cap this low), is trading at 52 week lows and has paid back all toxic debt.

I believe with the right catalyst, GYST could have plenty of upside potential in the near to mid term.  Make sure you do your DD tonight and are ready to trade tomorrow.


The Team  

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