We Shorted CMG Again

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Having trouble viewing this email Click here http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/renderca=a7a0fab9-9466-4abf-9cf2-e2a04e0beddc&c=caeeff60-3206-11e3-990f-d4ae529a8250&ch=cba3f780-3206-11e3-99aa-d4ae529a8250 Over 2 years ago we picked CMG short (sell) . That email is Below , CMG was at $280 down from over $400! Today, CMG closed at $689.70. For those who don`t know the symbol, CMG is Chipotle , a Burrito fast food chain. This Burrito is trading at a 60 PE with a 20 Bil market cap. Yesterday, we made a trade on CMG buying the March 2015 CMG 500 PUT. That cost $11 a contract.

Are we crazy for buying a PUT $189.70 out of the money Nope! Reality is this company should be trading at a 15 PE which is where Apple trades at. We will be kind and allow them to trade for a 30PE by March. That would bring the stock down to $344 a share.

If you buy 10 Mar`15 $500 put contracts it will cost $11,000. At $344 a share that trade would be worth $156,000. Now that`s a yummy burrito! WOW!! Our CMG Short trade from last month is rocking!! CMG closed at $280.60 today .. We picked CMG to go short at just over $400!! That is $120 down move in a month! Guess what We are still holding our DEC $355 CMG Puts that are up over 300%!! In the next few weeks we will be featuring some great stocks including one priced under .01 ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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