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Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd (KIMJF)    

Morning folks,   KIMJF started with a hiss and a roar this morning, up 13%, but unfortunately the momentum stalled and some selling ensued leading to some downside.   Our apologies for this.

  The good news is that the large seller appears to be MIA and the bid seems to be coming back strong.   There could be a good dip buying opportunity here .   If you haven`t read the big acquisition news KIMJF announced this morning, keep reading below.   Finally, and as always, remember to manage your risk on all your trades.    All the best.   The Team     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     Morning all,   I trust you read my profile on KIMJF last night and hope you are ready for what could be a solid trading day today.   KIMJF just announced news this morning they have reached an agreement in principle with Sika Resources to acquire an interest in world class gold assets in Tanzania…

Kilimanjaro Enters Into Negotiations With Sika Resources

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE–(Marketwired – Aug 8, 2014) – The directors and management of Kilimanjaro Capital (OTC PINK:KIMJF) are pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement in principle with Sika Resources to acquire an interest in world class gold assets in Tanzania.

Sika holds properties located within the Lake Victoria Goldfields, a world-class gold district with over 60 million ounces of gold in reserves. Sika`s properties host Archean greenstone rocks within which numerous northeast-southwest and northwest-southeast trending fault/shear zones are seen, similar to trends hosting known gold deposits across the district. Deposits in the Lake Victoria Goldfields district, some within 30 km of Sika`s properties, include:

AngloGold Ashanti`s Geita Mines (+19 million oz) Barrick Gold`s Bulyanhulu Mine (+15 million oz) Resolute Mining`s Golden Pride (+2.6 million oz) A host of other known deposits and gold mines including Barrick`s Tuluwaka and Buzwagi

Tanzania is considered by many as Africa`s most stable country featuring a progressive, western-oriented political system and investor friendly business climate. It is Africa`s third largest gold producer, yet many highly prospective regions remain under-explored.

More information on Sika Resources Inc`s. assets can be found at the link below:   You can read this press release in full at

    This news could ignite a sleepy, but potentially explosive stock. Make sure you are ready at the opening bell just moments away.

  The Team     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     Traders ,


It`s time we revisited Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd (KIMJF) – a potential bottom feeding runner that has been sleepy for some time.

  With what looks like solid support at around $0.002, we think KIMJF could start to move higher off this consolidation near its 52 week lows.

  And KIMJF has a small market cap compared to many of its peers of just $1.4m .

  Now take a close look at the chart below. In March, KIMJF moved from $0.01 to almost $0.03 (a 200% gain) in just a few trading sessions.   Then just in mid-July, KIMJF ran over 100% higher in just a couple of days.   While past performance isn`t necessarily indicative of future performance, based on its trading history of making big gains in short time, KIMJF could see higher prices from current levels.

      Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd (KIMJF) is focused on the acquisition, development and management of natural resource assets with favorable long-term fundamentals for its clients and stakeholders.   KIMJF is focused on the exploration of its asset in Somalia, located in the proven East African Permo-Triassic Rift Basin. KIMJF also has a focus on emerging countries in West Africa, those nations and peoples seeking economic and political self determination in Cabinda, Southern Cameroons, and Biafra (the Niger Delta).   The West African assets are often disputed, distressed and involve multiple claimants. This strategy permits KIMJF to acquire rights and licenses at the earliest possible point in order to maximize shareholder value. KIMJF becomes not only a concession holder in the development of these emerging countries but a trusted partner and adviser in their future development.  

What Else You Need To Know   Africa has the fastest growing economy in the departments of forestry, oil, natural resources, gas, and telecommunications.   And KIMJF is ready to capitalize…   The company has assets in five different key locations in Africa:   Biafra KIMJF on December 17th 2012 signed an Oil & Mineral Assignment Agreement with the Biafran Government in Exile to obtain 49% of the ownership of all onshore and offshore oil and mineral rights in Biafra.   Cabinda On November 19th, 2012 KIMJF signed an Oil Assignment Agreement with the Republic of Cabinda to obtain a 49% interest in Cabinda`s prolific offshore blocks, including blocks 0 and 14, as well as the ultra deepwater block. The Assignment Agreement grants future rights to the Republic of Cabinda`s disputed offshore claims including an ultra deepwater block not previously explored and right of first refusal on the remaining assets.   Maiombe On February 1, 2013 KIMJF acquired a 49% non controlling interest in Maiombe Ouro e Minerais Ltd, a pri-vate Belize IBCR registered mining company based outside Pointe-Noire, Congo which has 20 year concession to the COOPRATIVE MINIER DE DVELOPPEMENT DU MAYOMBE "COMDDM" obtained from the Republic of Cabinda.    Somalia KIMJF obtained a 5% interest in the Amsas Coriole-Afgoye (ACA) Block, which is owned by Australian based Amsas Consulting. The ACA Block is in the Coriole Basin and the Block flowed oil at Coriole-1 in 1961 at around 700 barrels of oil.   Southern Cameroons

The former British Southern Cameroons is currently occupied by the military forces of Republique du Cameroun (the former French Cameroun) which began its occupation of the country in violation of international law in 1961 and completed the takeover in 1972.   To learn more about KIMJF, visit their corporate website     Check out these recent announcements from KIMJF

Kilimanjaro to Acquire Additional Oil Properties in Western Alberta Marketwired (Thu 17 Jul) Kilimanjaro Announces Long Coulee Reserves Marketwired (Mon 30 Jun) Kilimanjaro Announces Western Canada Asset Acquisition LOI Marketwired (Tue 24 Jun) Kilimanjaro Suspends Somalia Program Amid Security Concerns Marketwired (Wed 18 Jun) Kilimanjaro Announces Somalia Exploration Program Marketwired (Tue 27 May) Kilimanjaro Signs Somalia Consulting Memorandum Marketwired (Wed 21 May) Kilimanjaro Signs Somalia Security Memorandum Marketwired (Tue 13 May)   We think KIMJF could be ready to run off the bottom here. Make sure you do your DD tonight and be ready at the opening bell.


The Team  

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