KIMJF is our Friday monster alert!

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KIMJF is our Friday monster alert! —————————————————————– Hot Stock to Watch —————————————————————– Company: Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd. (Pink Sheets: KIMJF) Last:

Price: 0.003 Change (%): + 0.0001 (3.45) Volume: 780,200 Make sure you turn a close eye on KIMJF right now, begin your research and get ready for what could be a huge day! KIMJF recently announced that it has expanded its letter of intent with Verity Energy Ltd. to include oil producing assets located in South Eastern, Alberta near Keho, Alberta (the “Keho Property”).

The Assets currently produce 11 bbl/d oil. The Keho property recently underwent a work-over to the waterflood recovery program, it is anticipated that as the waterflood fills voidage that oil production may increase to 20 bbl/d. Additional drilling locations have also been identified on the Keho property.

Make Sure You Put KIMJF On High Alert About KIMJF Kilimanjaro Capital has a focus on emerging countries in West Africa, those nations and peoples seeking economic and political self determination in Cabinda, Southern Cameroons, and Biafra (the Niger Delta). The West African assets are often disputed, distressed and involve multiple claimants. This strategy permits Kilimanjaro Capital to acquire rights and licenses at the earliest possible point in order to maximize shareholder value.

Kilimanjaro Capital becomes not only a concession holder in the development of these emerging countries but a trusted partner and advisor in their future development. Kilimanjaro is also focused on Somalia with a plan to acquire more assets worldwide.

KIMJF Assets Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd. has acquired an extensive portfolio of oil, gas and mineral assets in Africa. Kilimanjaro Capital has an interest in oil, gas and mineral rights in the Niger Delta (Biafra), Cabinda, Southern Cameroons and Somalia. Kilimanjaro Capital is also in the process of evaluating other investment opportunities in Africa and around the world.

KIMJF Recent Announcements Kilimanjaro to Acquire Additional Oil Properties in Western Alberta Kilimanjaro Announces Long Coulee Reserves Kilimanjaro Announces Western Canada Asset Acquisition LOI sure KIMJF is on your radar right now! —————————————————————– IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY —————————————————————– SmallCapVoice (SCV) is an electronic publication. Information sources for our profiles include, but are not limited to, online research, member suggestions, magazines, newspapers, analyst suggestions, information provided by the profiled company, press releases and similar sources. This communication is not an offer to sell or a recommendation that you buy or sell any security.

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