FCGD could see a monster move!

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Please put FCGD on the top of your watch list!  It shot up 88% yesterday already! I believe this pick will absolutely explode higher and should stay up for a while.  This company is trading just right about 0.13 per share and it has full potential to move up any time. FCGD just announced ambitious ten hole Drilling Program! Two things should send you researching FCGD in a jiffy. First, the company recently completed the acquisition of $4.6 million in hard assets from Kentucky-based SWO & ISM, LLC., Hein Oil, Co., Inc. and Hein Oil Well Services, LLC. According to the company’s press release, the assets comprise a mix of things including land, leases and bonds. Now hard assets on their own are good but what’s even better is news that FCGD has also acquired a 19.5% equity stake in the three companies. This according to management paves the way for FCGD to significantly boost its revenues. The second reason you should drop everything else and start researching FCGD is news that the company is just about to commence a ten hole drilling program. This is really big news because at the very least it means FCGD will be drilling for its oil and bringing it to market. The upside potential from this activity alone is going to send this play rocketing north. Keep in mind too that FCGD pretty much supports itself with very good fundamentals and very bullish technicals. I hope you see it that way too. All you need to focus on is the gain potential of FCGD which could be huge!

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