DIRV is a Sub-Penny Bounce Play with Huge Upside

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Good Morning Class,

Although sub-penny stocks can be volatile and move really fast, they can also produce massive gains which is what makes our new pick DIRV a very exciting play right now!

Directview Holdings. Inc. ([1]DIRV) provides videoconferencing technologies and services to businesses and organizations all over the world including surveillance systems, onsite and remote video and audio surveillance services.

DIRV, together with its subsidiaries, provides teleconferencing and services to businesses and organizations; operating in two divisions: Security (Video Surveillance) and Video Conferencing.

The company`s security division offers technologies in surveillance systems, providing onsite and remote video and audio surveillance, digital video recording, also servicing, selling and installing surveillance systems and maintenance agreements.

DIRV sells its products and services in the United States and internationally through direct salesforce, referrals and its websites and has launched official portals on various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google!

Over the last few weeks, the company`s CEO and Chairman Roger Ralston has been actively buying shares.

When insiders buy a stock that usually means they think its price is going up!

DIRV Looks Like a Bounce Play with Tremendous Profit Potential Right Now!

Directview Holdings is currently at $0.0059 but has recently traded at well over a penny.

DIRV has seen a recent decline in price with slowing volume but we believe at these levels, the stock could potentially produce serious gains.

DIRV seemed to turn the corner yesterday, trading nearly 1.5 million shares, more than double the high volume of the past week of trading and rising 4% in price.

We believe DIRV is set for a breakout and because it is a sub-penny could see exponential gains by simply reaching its recent highs which could easily happen with positive news!

Keep Sub-Penny Play DIRV on Top of your Radar – This Stock Has Constant Breakout Potential!

We believe DIRV is the kind of stock that could be poised for a breakout at any moment because of not only its sub-penny price but also look at its client list.

DIRV is a company who`s clients include Coca-Cola, AT&T, Sprint, Pepsico, Marriott, Polaroid and the NYPD!

[2]DirectView Holdings recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Cannamor LLC to serve as its exclusive security solutions provider.

This is a sub-penny to watch closely. We urge you to begin your research now and get ready to act on DIRV.


Penny Stock Professor


1. http://finance.yahoo.com/qs=dirv&ql=1 2. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/directview-holdings-enters-strategic-partnership-123700987.html

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