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Dear Member, Look for big percentage gains in VOIL during the month of August.

Volume has noticeably picked up for this stock and we expect a large move over the next few days for our members to cash in on.

** ( Currently trading at just over $1.40, ** VOIL ( is getting the attention of everyone who trades these small and micro cap stocks. Many will probably look to double their money with this trade.

I have personally seen reports and newsletters suggesting a value as high as $44 per share, this is something I don`t agree with, however, this kind of attention is sure to open up the flood gates when it comes to investment capital greedily running into this small oil stock.

Which we love and will take full advantage of…

We are super early in this trade and VOIL`s volume looks great, giving us the safety of knowing we can lock in profits when the time is right.

We are issuing a Day Trading “BUY” Recommendation for *VOIL*

Keep a tight stop loss on your trade, we expect the bounce on this trade to be dramatic, but in case we are wrong, we need to be able to exit with the ability to re-enter later in the day.

Volatility WILL be our BEST FRIEND in VOIL. I have looked at this trade for weeks and think this is going to be the day trade of the summer, if not for 2014.

The resource sector is dying for a good trade and I believe this is it! About Virtus Oil and Gas Management team The company`s management team comprises a number of mining industry veterans, each of which brings relevant experience.

Chief Executive Officer is ** Rupert Ireland ( , a former equities trader than previously head of trading at CARAX, a brokerage firm that focuses on high volume execution in cash equities and derivatives trading.

Chief Financial Officer is ** Steven M. Plumb ( , a senior executive of financial manager experienced in operations, finance and marketing, who prior to joining Virtus served as president and CFO of Bering Exploration.

Chief Operating Officer is ** Brett A. Murray ( , the previous land manager at Gunnison Energy Corporation, owned by famous oil and gas investor, William Koch. Finally, Exploration Director is Dr. Robert Benson, a mining industry expert with nearly 40 years of exploration, development and management experience in the space.

Plan Going Forward The first step for VOIL is to work towards commencing of production at its Parowan project. This includes the drilling of development wells and the remediation of any existing wells that require work on the site, as well as updating and improving the production systems currently in place. The goal being to double the site`s current production capacity in order to create a strong cash flow once operational.

VOIL is also looking to expand its current holdings, through the embarkation of an acquisition phase that will see the company take control of a range of shale plays in Texas, Louisiana, and Utah. Shale gas plays are projects at which reserves were previously unrecoverable, but from which it is now possible to draw resources due to recent advances in oilfield technology. The International Energy Agency has stated that shale gas production could catalyze a “golden age of gas,” a golden age from which VOIL could benefit considerably with effective execution of its strategy.

With current focus primarily on the latter of the three target states, VOIL is pursuing what it refers to as “blue sky” assets, or in other words, assets that have “significant exploration and development potential and are poised to capitalize unexpected resurgence of production.” Look for further updates on this trade!!! Have a prosperous week! ** ( Daniel Ameduri President, ** ( Legal Notice:

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