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WCIG Introduces New Class of Atomizers

Good Morning!

WCIG has shown its commitment to creating cutting edge products in the growing electronic cigarettes and vaporizer markets and after the launch of its WEE-E no-nicotine energy e-cig, the company looks intent in establishing market positions in other areas.

The latest move by the company shows just what’s possible and the launch of a new class of atomizers has got traders talking.

WCIG says the new type of pancake coil atomizer is for micro dried herb pens. In case you’re not familiar with herb pens, they are devices used for dried herbs, waxes and oils. Even concentrate can be used in these herb pens.

As a trading opportunity WCIG is well positioned to move on the strong news. The play has hit a high of .39 in the last 12 months and is currently trading under .10.

The technical setup is screaming bounce potential and with volume tipping the scale at nearly 200K, traders can’t complain about liquidity.

As a matter of fact, there is very little traders can complain about with WCIG. The company is establishing itself well in a growing industry and has tremendous upside to justify any interest shown to it.

Start your research on WCIG as soon as you can.

Investor Highlights

WCIG has emerged as one of the hottest companies in the electronic cigarettes and vaporizer sector. The company is extremely busy developing and launching its own branded line of products.

WCIG’s launch of Wee-E, in the $8.6 billion energy drinks market was a revelation and showed just versatile the company is in a very dynamic environment.

WCIG has just announced a brand new type of atomizers for the company’s WEE-C herb pen. The new device adds to the growing list of applications WCIG’s products can be devoted to.

WCIG has hit a high of .39 in the last 12 months and right market valuation is steeply discounted to this level. Market valuation has consolidated under .10 which gives the play massive upside potential.

Strong trading has pushed average volume to nearly 200K. This gives WCIG very strong liquidity to match its trading momentum.

WCIG’s RSI 40 and another clear sign that the play has very strong bounce potential. This could be a huge catalyst for action potentially.

About WCIG

WCIG (Wee-Cig International Corporation) is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing e-cigarettes and vaporizers worldwide.

WCIG’s products facilitate consumers to vaporize dried herbs, such as mullein, raspberry leaves, cat nip, and sage, which facilitate to quit smoking and ease stress, as well as for inflamed or infected lungs.

WCIG’s primary products include Wee-C, a portable vaporizer; and Wee-T, a disposable vaporizer. It also imports, bottles, blends, manufactures, and distributes wine and spirits in China.

WCIG was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in Patchogue, New York.

US E-Cigs Market Now Worth $2 Billion (Wells Fargo)

Sales data from the US indicate that the value of sales of electronic cigarettes is roughly doubling each year: from $20m in 2008 to $750- $1b in 2013. But this is based on limited monitoring of major sales outlets, mainly reports sales of ‘cigalikes’ captured from electronic sales records, and does not capture online and vape shop sales. Surveys of vaper experiences are mainly biased toward users or second and third generation devices and it is difficult to estimate from these what proportion of the vaping population is using different devices.

New research from Wells Fargo securities shows some light on the size of the electronic cigarette market and the size of the refillable and modified (second and third generation devices) market. The research drew on evidence from independent manufacturers and marketers, most of which had annual sales of less than $30m. Most of the companies surveyed were small – nearly half of the companies that responded had less than 10 employees, 18% had 10-50, 18% had 50-100 employees, and 18% more than 100 employees.

Wells Fargo now puts the estimated total size of the retail market in the US at $2bn – much higher than previous sales estimates, which have focussed on cigalikes. Electronic sales data underestimate total sales by an estimated 60%. About 30% of all sales of e-cigarettes are through convenience stores, 26% online, and 17% through retail vape-shops.

Bonnie Herzog’s team suggest that the growth of second and third generation devices in the US (‘Vapors/Tanks’) is increasing faster than the overall sales of e-cigarettes (she uses the term E-Vapor to describe this category rather than ‘e-cigarettes’), and may be contributing to the slowing in the growth of e-cigarette sales as vapers switch from cigalikes to second and third generation devices.

The report estimates that the US market is split 65% e-cigarettes and 35% second and third generation devices. Part of the drive to second and third generation is a ‘natural progression from cigalikes’. Part is affordability, with average spend of around $16 a week on vaping paraphernalia – 20% less than that spent on rechargeable e-cigarettes and 40% less than a disposable e-cigarettes. Part is due to the ability to personalize devices, better nicotine delivery and product performance. Second and third generation device users were reportedly less likely to dual use e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes.

Recent Developments

Wee-Cig Introduces a New Class of Atomizers

NEW YORK, July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wee-Cig International Corporation (OTC Pinksheets:WCIG) is pleased to announce that the Company has launched a brand new type of pancake coil atomizer for micro dried herb pens. In addition, the Company will also be selling replacement atomizers for the “Wee-C” dried herb pen. The new atomizers will allow both pens to become a multifaceted device used for dried leaf herbs, waxes, oils, and concentrate.

The Company discovered this niche in the atomizer market with micro pens and have developed atomizers so that all existing and new users will want to purchase Wee-Cig atomizers with any purchase of a micro pen.

By integrating these products into the Wee-Cig product line, the Company expects repetitive revenue from regular customers as well as introductions to other suppliers looking for a unique MOD (modification) to their existing product line.


Wee-Cig reports that the company enjoyed a great marketing event at the recent CHAMPS show in Las Vegas with profitable results.

Strong news and strong technicals to match make WCIG a must for your trading screen. Don’t hesitate to make a move on this one folks. The play has very strong upside potential and after hitting .39 in the last year, who can complain about its very accessible market price of .0450

This is a steal in every sense of the word, Start your research now.

To learn more about WCIG please visit their website: [1]


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