FOFU- How to Profit as the Weed Space Grows Up

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Our New Pick Is FOFU Good Morning Traders! Yesterday afternoon, we sent out a report on FOFU .

We told you it may just be the most impressive opportunity in the marijuana game that we have come across yet. There are several reasons to back this up.

First off , the company is about to create a ton of buzz and focus around itself given the way the stock is acting, and because they are just releasing an app that allows folks to pay for pot through their mobile device with bitcoins . That’s a perfectly placed strategy and should further spur the stock higher.

Secondly , the company is approaching the marijuana space with a complete acknowledgement that this wave of legalization is probably not going to end until just about every corner of the US market is involved on a legal basis. Don’t let the name fool you – the FOFU approach is very retail-centric and poised to play for the big piece of the pie with franchise dispensaries that multiply like Starbucks across the country. That’s exactly the model that’s going to work.

And with 75 years of team experience carrying out plans just like that, FOFU is in an extremely compelling position in a huge and growing market.

Finally , the stock is acting extremely well in its own right of late. It’s waking up and starting to charge higher, up nearly 150% since June 1st. Volume is beginning to really show up, with avg shares traded per day leaping over the last few months – May and June together were FOFU’s highest volume 2-month stretch ever, until July came along and blew that number away.

In other words, the big money is starting to find this one… The train is leaving the station. With FOFU starting to hit the news wires more and more right now, this morning is likely a last opportunity to catch this one for pennies per share.

Symbol: FOFU Company: Force Fuels, Inc.

Quote: Latest News: Company Website:

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