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Blaque Capital Stocks Newsletter

Dear Valued Subscribers, Rising India, Inc. (RSII) is our new pick RSII is a publicly traded United States company whose focus is to acquire established businesses.

RSII has recently entered the robust $600+ billion QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Industry, the fastest growing segment in the Restaurant industry.

RSII plans to acquire revenue producing retail operations and launch proprietary franchise concepts as subsidiaries toward near-term shareholder value and long-term company growth.

Recent news:

Rising India, Inc. Announces Dynamic Shift in Corporate Initiatives Toward Long-Term Growth, Shareholder Value http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rising-india-inc-announces-dynamic-200500595..html For more information on RSII please visit http://www.risingindiainc.com/

RSII is on high alert tomorrow! Sincerely, Blaque Capital Stocks

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