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———————————————————— ** ———————————————————— ———————————————————— PositiveID Corp. PSID The first thing we`d like to do this morning is go over how well PSID performed yesterday following our pre-market alert. Our timing proved to be spot-on in calling the bottom on this play, and after putting it on high alert in our report, we were rewarded with a couple of chances to gain over the course of the session.

The stock ran hard out of the starting gate, with trading opening up at .043 and rapidly reaching the day`s high at .064, a spike of 48% That was followed by a pullback to .049 where we got another upswing, this time to .058, a modest yet respectable intraday move of 18% Those two significant swings combined for cumulative total gains of 66% on the day, and the stock managed to close at .057, holding on to much of the day`s forward progress. This all occurred on roughly 6x PSID`s 3-month average volume.

Congrats to anyone who was able to make PSID work for them, and be sure to stay tuned, as a performance like that could lead to a strong finish to the week.

———————————————————— Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. KNDI This is a stock that we`ve been tracking for over a year now, as a quick look at KNDI`s archive on our blog ( will reveal. Our most recent tag of this stock came via Monday morning`s extended watchlist ( , and over the course of the week, it has yielded quite a nice move; We saw a low of 15.76 on Monday, and by yesterday`s session we observed a high of 20.96, an intraweek gain of 33% Those who may have picked up on this play following our next most recent alert of this play (June 12th ( ) could have caught a low of 12.30. Yesterday`s high marked a 70% move up from that level.

———————————————————— Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR Our regulars are aware of how tenaciously we`ve covered PBR this year. On March 21st ( we added it to our watchlist as it was coming off of 10-year lows. Our observed low that day was 11.25, and the stock never looked back. We`ve traded primarily in the options chain of PBR and have made percentage gains in the thousands over the course of several months, but even the overall action on the stock itself has been impressive.

Yesterday`s session set a new high of 16.43 and in premarket trading today that has been pushed to more than $17, from the low we saw this spring, that`s an overall move of over 50% on the chart.

However, the swing action on this play over the past few months has been terrific, as we`ve pointed out on the following chart. As you can see, after our initial alert, there have been no less than three major swings. The current positioning breaks PBR out of the channel we illustrate below, signaling potential for further moves to the upside.

As far as the options chain is concerned, we`ll be looking for a pullback from profit taking on this major spike, and after that, we`re interested in the potential of the $16.50 and $17.00 Weekly Calls for an intraday flip opportunity today.

———————————————————— Extended Watchlist:

ICLD, JDST, OMEX, ACRX, EVI ============================================================

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06/13/13 – Owners of this website received $4000USD from a Third-Party for a One-Day Awareness Campaign on PSID which expired on 06/13/13.

02/18/14 – Owners of this website received 250,000 Rule-144 Restricted Shares of PSID from Positive ID Corporation for a One-Month Awareness Program which expired on 03/18/14.

07/17/14 – Owners of this website received $2500USD from a Third-Party for a One-Day Awareness Campaign on PSID which expired on 07/17/14.

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