GLCO is my new pick and puts the green in marijuana stocks. Read now!

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GLCO is my new pick…

… don`t puff, puff, pass this one by.

Good Afternoon Traders!

GLCO has all you’d want in a short term, big-run trading opportunity and the company has just gone one better.

The holding company which now owns three exciting and dynamic subsidiaries has just announced the cancellation of 24% of issued shares. Long term this tighter capital structure is of course good news, but it is even better news for shareholders in the short term.

GLCO is also making solid progress with its newly acquired subsidiary in the marijuana space called Hemp Way. The Hemp Life Today Complete Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Kit(TM) will be available on the company’s website in very short order and will retail for $249.

This is a company with very clear and well defined fundamentals but it also has very strong technicals too. Proving that it is no tortoise, GLCO has been moving north like a bullet. Since January more than 200% has been added to lower valuations and after basing for the last week or so GLCO is showing very bullish signs of popping.

Needless to say when this potential breakout happens, you need to be ready to capitalize. The profile on this one calls for massive attention and massive action so get yourself ready and do some hardcore due diligence on GLCO.

Investor Highlights

GLCO has just announced the launch of its flagship medical marijuana dispensing kit which is set to retail for $249.

GLCO foray into the medical marijuana space is excellent timing given the strong push for legalization and more widespread use in the US. 2013 dispensing revenues were $578 million across the shops in Denver, Colorado.

GLCO has raced out the starting blocks, adding more than 200% to lower valuations since January 2014.

GLCO’s RSI is a sturdy 53 and with volume rising, traders have a solid buffer with the play resting so well in neutral territory.

GLCO’s 52-week high of 16 cents means that at current levels (sub 05 cents), the play is outrageously undervalued.

GLCO has seen big moves in several moving averages, including its 50-day MA which is up 78%.

About GLCO

GLCO (Global Links Corp.) is a holding company committed to exploring business opportunities in emerging industries.

GLCO now has three subsidiaries: Hemp Life Today, a growing online source for industry information and branded products related to Hemp and Medical Marijuana and how they can provide a healthier lifestyle; Domain Micro Homes which has developed modern affordable housing projects using proprietary stackable housing designs and BXI Trade Exchange which provides a service whereby members can exchange goods and services for “trade dollars” in place of cash.

GLCO was founded in 1952 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New York Gets Set to Join Medical Marijuana Bonanza

Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning to revive a 1980 medical-marijuana law to allow some New York hospitals to make use of the drug for patients with cancer, glaucoma and other illnesses.

Cuomo, a Democrat, is expected to make the announcement in his Jan. 8 State of the State address, a person familiar with the speech said. The governor plans to use his executive authority to bypass the legislature where medical marijuana bills passed by the assembly have died in the Republican-controlled Senate.

New York, the third-most-populous state, would join 20 states from California to Massachusetts that allow medical marijuana use, bucking federal law, which still classifies pot as an illegal substance. Cuomo’s decision would fall short of legalizing marijuana entirely, as in Colorado and Washington. Until now, Cuomo has opposed medical marijuana.

“This is a huge turning point,” said Gabriel Sayegh, New York State Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, who was briefed by the Cuomo administration on the plan yesterday. “One of the most powerful and prominent governors in the country not only changed his mind, but has also said he’s not going to wait around for the Senate to act.”

Cuomo, who is 56 and is considered a potential presidential contender, is up for re-election this year. Medical marijuana has the support of 82 percent of New York voters, according to a May poll by Siena College in Loudonville, New York.

Recent Developments

Global Links Announces Cancellation of 150 Million Shares

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Links Corp. (GLCO), today reported the cancellation of 150,000,000 shares of the Company`s common stock, or 24% of the current number of shares issued and outstanding. Following this action, Global Links shares outstanding will equal 478,071,388.

“Global Links has significant growth and acquisition opportunities coming in the near future and it`s in our best interest to ensure that our shares are more tightly held right now.

By cancelling a quarter of our outstanding shares, we are putting the company in a much stronger position for future acquisitions while simultaneously enhancing the value of our existing shareholder interest. We look forward to announcing positive and exciting business developments in the coming weeks,” stated Frank Dobrucki, President of Global Links.

Hemp Life Today, a Division of Global Links, to Launch Complete Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Kit on its Website

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Links Corp. (GLCO), today announced that the Company`s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hemp Life Today, LLC, is set to launch a new product, “The Hemp Life Today Complete Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Kit(TM)” on its website,

Written by attorneys, the company`s Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Kit provides an all-inclusive, step-by-step process for opening and operating a legal dispensary in United States. The kit provides information on every vital aspect of opening a medical marijuana dispensary, including topics such as incorporation, the naming process, state laws, the buying and selling process, management of business operations, selecting a location, providing customer service and several more.

“The Hemp Life Today Complete Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Kit(TM)” is scheduled to be available for sale on the company`s website within 10 to 14 days and is expected to quickly become a top selling branded product for Hemp Life Today. The kit will be available for download and priced at approximately $249.

“We are very excited to add this amazing kit to our line of Hemp Life Today branded products as it is a must have for anyone contemplating getting involved in this exciting new industry. By providing keen insight on how the business works and what it takes to succeed in this new market, this product is an invaluable guide that can save entrepreneurs that are looking to get into the medical marijuana retail dispensary business in any size or capacity, a tremendous amount of time and money,” stated Tim Zorn, President of Hemp Life Today, LLC.

“Further, we believe that by offering such a quality product designed to help launch retail dispensaries nationwide, our company is adding a group of loyal customers who will continue purchase our products in the future. With our new dispensary kit and rapidly growing website, Hemp Life Today is quickly achieving its goal of being at the epicenter of the hemp and medical marijuana movement in the United States. As the popularity of our site and product sales continue to increase, we expect to see steady growth in our shareholder value,” continued Zorn.

GLCO has three big catalysts: 1. GLCO’s medical marijuana foray means that the play could benefit from serious interest given the frenzy surrounding these companies at the moment 2. GLCO’s trading chart is very robust. Rising volume looks set to give way to strong movements in valuation. 3. GLCO has very strong short term indicators which have so far proven to be a huge draw for traders. Expect the interest level to break north given recent news.

Start your research on GLCO now.

To learn more about GLCO please visit their website: [1]

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