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My new pick is: BCHS

SSP Subscribers,

I normally don`t issue alerts for Friday, however an unbelievable opportunity has just presented itself.

I am introducing a brand new precious metals alert that is absolutely on fire right now as the stock has seen nearly a 10x increase in volume this week.

This .12-cent stock has already provided traders 90 percent potential gains earlier in the week, and we`ve been waiting for a pullback in price in order to alert it to members before its next monster breakout.

Our new pick is currently trading at .12 cents and looks ready for its next big `leg up` the charts.

Without further ado…

I Am Issuing An Immediate Alert on Amalgamated Gold & Silver Inc. (BCHS)!

BCHS has traded as high as $7 in the past, and at the current price of .12-cents and I believe another big breakout could be on the horizon.

Precious metals are on fire right now and the fact that BCHS has traded so high indicates in a very strong way that it is becoming a top-level mining company.

And it`s not just the wider industry fundamentals that is driving the gain potential of BCHS either because in the last week or so interest in this 12-cent precious metals play has absolutely skyrocketed.

In fact,

The last 3 trading sessions saw an almost a 1000 percent increase in the daily average volume.

BCHS Fundamentals & Investor Highlights:

* BCHS is attracting strong trader interest and has recently seen a 10 fold increase in trading volume.

* BCHS has traded as high as $7 in the last 12 months. This very lofty spike shows in no uncertain terms that when this play moves, it moves big.

* The strong bullish outlook in the precious metals industry is just part of what make BCHS a must-see.

* BCHS is now steeply discounted – a fact that has eluded some of Wall Street`s savviest traders. This has set the stage for a strong display of interest and a clear growth in near term momentum.

I am urging members to begin their research on BCHS right away as interest in this 12-cent precious metals play is increasing at a staggering rate.

While highly volatile, BCHS has proven to make big moves when a surge of momentum comes into the market. At the current price of .12-cents per share, we expect to see BCHS continue to move back up the charts.

Begin your research on BCHS as soon as possible and lets be ready on Friday, as this stock looks poised for another big move in the days ahead!

Amalgamated Gold & Silver, Inc.:

Based in Miami, FL, Amalgamated Gold & Silver, Inc. is a junior resource company focused on the exploration, development, and production of mineral resources. The company is actively engaged in the exploration and production of its mineral concessions and is focused on creating shareholder value through a growth strategy of acquiring, exploring, and developing high-quality properties throughout Mexico and South America.

Amalgamated Gold & Silver, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire 70 Percent Interest in the St. Anthony Antimony Mine and Concessions:

On January 21, BCHS announced that it has signed a LOI with Shrewton Investments Ltd., a South African company, to acquire a 70 percent interest in the St. Anthony (San Antonio de Turiri) antimony mine and concessions located in Potosi, Bolivia.

The price of antimony is now approximately 10,000-Dollars per metric ton, which makes this mine viable and has the potential to become a world-class producer of high-grade antimony.

Under the terms of the Agreement, BCHS will have the exclusive right to conduct independent due-diligence for a period of 60 days. Upon obtaining satisfactory results over the due-diligence period BCHS will formalize a Purchase and Sale Agreement to acquire the mining, exploration, and production rights held by Shrewton Investment Ltd. BCHS is currently reviewing the existing historical geological studies and correlating the mining results from the prior mining operations.

BCHS Technical Indicators:

Closing in the last session at 12-cents per share, with a 52-Week High of 7-dollars per-share, BCHS is trading far below its historic highs giving it plenty of room for potential gains moving forward.

Momentum is building rapidly as trading activity has increased nearly 4-fold in recent sessions with BCHS trading an average of more than 2M shares per day this week compared to a 3 Month Average Volume of 526K shares.

The 5-Day MA is up 9-percent with the Average Volume for the period at 1.3M shares.

Driven by significant uptick in support from investors, as well as a pending acquisition that could act as a major catalyst, BCHS could be on the verge of a major breakout in the sessions to come.

With precious metals on the verge of another come back, BCHS could be presenting an enormous opportunity, as it appears strongly positioned for growth throughout the coming year.

Remember, BCHS has already signed a letter of intent to acquire an interest in a highly viable antimony mine and concession, and is expected to formalize a purchase and sale agreement following the 60-day due-diligence period.

With interest already building quickly and a potential milestone acquisition ahead, BCHS could be on the brink of a major advance in the very near term.

As always, please do your own research this evening, and keep an eye on BCHS throughout the week.

Happy Trading! SecretStockPromo


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