GRO Beginning to Explode, Exactly Like I Predicted!

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Agria (GRO) is beginning to breakout big on strong volume, just like I predicted this morning! Exactly two weeks ago when I last predicted that GRO was about to explode, it finished Friday January 3rd up $0.08 to $1.57 on volume of 834,690 – and then on Monday it soared as much as $0.20 to a new 52-week high of $1.77 on HUGE volume of 1,448,203! This time when GRO explodes on Monday, it isn`t going to dip. All of the weak hands already exited two weeks ago. Almost every GRO shareholder today is well aware of the fact that its PGG Wrightson (NZX: PGW) stake alone is now worth $2.02 per share.

Look for GRO to close Monday above its current 52-week high of $1.77, before testing $2 on Tuesday! —– I am part owner of a firm that owns 550,000 shares of GRO. This firm intends to sell its GRO shares and can do so at anytime. It also reserves the right to add to its GRO position at any time. Never invest into a stock we discuss unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. For our full disclaimer go to: Jonathan Lebed Staff

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