GFOX – Oil Lease Acquisition Nets 82 Percent Revenue Interest

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My new pick is: GFOX

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By introducing a new pick that just released shocking news late Friday afternoon. In fact, the recent announcement could generate enormous investor interest in this little known oil exploration company in the days to come.

Because of this…

I Am Issuing An Immediate Alert on Gray Fox Petroleum (GFOX).

GFOX is an exploration stage oil and gas exploration company currently headquartered in Dallas Texas. GFOX is currently trading at 1.06 per share.

The company has flown a little ‘under the radar’ over the last few months; however things look like they are about to change after the company just released huge acquisition news late on Friday afternoon.

This news is sure to bring major investor interest to GFOX in the week ahead, and could easily send it soaring back up the charts, possibly breaking past previous highs and headed into uncharted territory.

Completed Acquisition Could Be A Revenue Game Changer

After the close on Friday, GFOX quietly announced the completion of a Major Acquisition, which could come as an absolute shock to the market, as there wasn’t really any indication that such big news was coming.

GFOX announced the company had completed its acquisition of 22 separate oil and gas land leases.

The leased land comprises of 32,723 acres in the Butte Valley Oil Play Region in North central Nevada. GFOX has a 100 percent working interest and an 82 Percent Net Revenue Interest in all leases.

As you can imagine, holding an 82 percent Net Revenue Interest is absolutely huge news for this relatively unknown oil exploration company.

This came just months after the company completed its acquisition of its West Ranch Prospect. Similar structures and reservoir horizons have produced more than a combined 50 million barrels of oil in Nevada to date.

GFOX could see incredible revenue growth as natural gas prices continue to rise potentially leading this little known energy company to emerge as a leading producer in the U.S. in the years ahead.

With a 52-week high of 1.22 per share, GFOX is still trading well below recent highs, and has proven to run on big news, and Friday’s aftermarket announcement could be the biggest news the company has issued since its inception.

About Gray Fox Petroleum Corp.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Gray Fox Petroleum Corp. is an exploration stage company exploring oil and gas production opportunities. The company currently has a 100 percent working interest and 82 percent Net Revenue Interest in West Ranch Prospect located in north-central Nevada.

GFOX Files Form 8-K for Completion of Acquisition of 22 Oil and Gas Land Leases

According to a December 6, 2013 Form 8-K filing, GFOX has completed the acquisition of 22 separate oil and gas land leases issued by the Bureau of Land Management for the U.S. pursuant to a Lease Purchase Agreement with FFMJ, LLC.

The leased land comprises 32,723 acres in the Butte Valley Oil Play Region in north central Nevada. The expiration dates of the Leases range from March 31, 2016 to July 31, 2017.

Technical Indicators:

Closing in the last session at 1.05 per share, GFOX is trading closer to the lower end of its recent trading range and with reaching a new 52 Week High of 1.22 per share just last week, looks to have plenty of room for potential gains moving forward.

Pulling back to just above its recent support levels, GFOX now appears to be have a relatively low downside risk as compared to its upside potential even in the near term given the numerous potential catalysts in the coming months.

According to its recent Form 8K filing, the company’s plan of operations for the next 12 months includes conducting geological mapping, gravity surveying and 2D seismic coverage on the Leases. Pending positive results, GFOX anticipates entering into agreements with drilling contractors or operators to drill wells on the Leases.

With such an enormous production potential of the West Ranch Prospect, and plans already in place to quickly move closer to production over the next 12 months, GFOX is essentially presenting a virtual ground floor opportunity ahead of the numerous catalysts expected in the coming months.

Momentum could build quickly and at current levels, GFOX could prove to be one of the biggest oil plays for early investors with the potential for rapid growth very soon.

As always, please do your own research this evening, and keep an eye on GFOX throughout the week.

Happy Trading! SecretStockPromo


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