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NVGC Breaking News NVGC Breaking News! Fellow Investors, *NVGC has been trending upwards nicely! **Recent mining related developments have caused a buying frenzy from investors who want to take advantage of the low price and massive upside potential caused by NVGC`s vast natural resources and progress at the Diamond Jim Mine! *

This News Could Cause a Buying Frenzy! The company announced post-market Friday that it engaged the services of Brian Brewer and Associates to conduct the exploration program and the re-writing of the 43-101 report for the Diamond Jim Mine property.

This is exciting because once the report is completed NVGC will no longer be under the radar, in fact it should attract major investor interest because after the 43-101 is complete NVGC can officially state that they have $182 Million of silver in the ground! This could attract Institutional Interest and bring those of you who listened to our advice windfall profits! We alerted you around .2 and we think the share price can easily go above $2 which would be over a 1000% gain, and would turn every $5,000 you invest into $50,000! Here’s the backstory: In 1985, the Diamond Jim Mine was owned by a public company.

This public company filed a form 43-101, required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) that lets the owner make a claim about how much in precious metals could be on the property. It sets a standard about making claims so they’re not simply randomly invented.

When they filed this form in 1985, eyes popped.

THE 43-101 SHOWED RESERVES OF 4.5 MILLION TONS OF ORE AVERAGING 2 OUNCES OF SILVER PER TON The total in-ground value was $182 million.

Then, years after this 43-101 was filed, the rules changed. New forms had to be filed. But the owner never bothered. Silver was too cheap back then.

Here’s our little secret… The Diamond Jim Mine’s gold and silver is still there, proper paperwork in place or not.

Before one of the original founders of Jiffy Lube and the current CEO of NVGC Merrill Moses sprung into action, most mining investors mistakenly questioned the value of the Diamond Jim, never realizing that the new rules had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the volume and value of in-demand assets in the ground.

In fact once this report is completed we are very confident that *NVGC*

will be on the radar of very big investors on Wall Street and we expect market valuation to explode from present levels.

Folks, look at the market value of NVGC today. $17.67 million as of Friday. The 43-101 says there is $182 million in assets, based on the filings done in 1985 which went through the most rigorous testing! Look at those numbers and I`ll leave it to you to decide whether the potential is ripe for the picking or not….

Don`t miss our continuing coverage of NVGC and get ready for next weeks trading session – its going to be big.

See you at $2 Disclaimer: http://openpresent.co/t/64998/1064741/119/5/

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