BFLX Showing Traders Triple Digit Gains (Huge Sales News Just Released Keep A Close Eye On This One)

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Wow the hot streak continues!!!

Have you been watching BFLX today

This subpenny alert has been an absolute profit monster this morning showing traders triple digit gains as it hit a high of $0.005 +117% from our alert price of $0.0023!

The company just released huge sales news, and the volume for BFLX has been insane!

BFLX announced that they have entered a distribution collaboration agreement with Progress Alternative Group, LLC (PAG), where in PAG will assume exclusive responsibility of sales and distribution in the geographical area comprised of Louisiana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Utah and Kansas. In addition to these markets, PAG will also work on key clients in Texas and Oklahoma. In return, PAG have committed to perform sales of a minimum US$1,000,000 per annum.

That is an extra $1 Million in projected revenue for BFLX per year!!!

BFLX has been trading near perfect today with plenty of profitable swings…

We expect even more profit opportunity as we head into the afternoon and are urging all members to keep a close eye on BFLX through the remainder of the day!

Please review BFLX`S Chart, latest news, and full profile below:


[3]Company: Bioflex Corporation

[4]Symbol: [5]BFLX

Current PPS: $0.0023

Outstanding Shares: 8.9B

[6]Float: 819M

Website: [7]

About the Company:

Bioflamex Corp. (PINKSHEETS: BFLX) ”), is poised to transform the way people fight and prevent fires for generations to come! Its flagship product, Bioflamex – a fast-acting, biodegradable aerosol foam extinguisher for kitchen and automotive use – will be sold at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Target in major key markets in the U.S. It could become the next hot stock to invest in! The company’s larger-scale professional versions of its unique “clean-tech” foam extinguishers will also soon be found at oil & gas and forest ranging facilities across mainland U.S.A. In addition to these innovative products, the incorporation of SAFIRE® fire retardants in the production of textiles, paper pulp and insulation materials offers tremendous potential. The time is right for investors to get into this ground-floor opportunity before Bioflamex begins appearing in homes across America!

Fast-acting and Easy-to Use!

BFLX’s products will become the products of choice for people and organizations wanting to safely and effectively fight and prevent fires – without harming the environment. The high performance aerosol extinguisher (the size of a can of hairspray, and just as easy to use) can extinguish the fire in a deep frying oil pan in a matter of seconds! The product’s patent pending formula has the same remarkable extinguishing effects on engine fires in boats and cars, and on large-scale fires such as industrial fires and forest fires. The formula also contains ingredients that protect and prevent the extinguished surface from re-igniting. The product is completely biodegradable and it causes no collateral damage to home surfaces – clean with a simple wipe of a dishcloth!

BFLX is an ideal and vital product for private households, boat and car owners. It is the inevitable, perfect product to have handy wherever a deadly fire could occur. Just as remarkable, Bioflamex Corp’s SAFIRE® range of fire retardants are based on 100% biological components and contain fire inhibiting agents that can protect surfaces and vegetation for months. Consumers can spray textiles, wood, furniture and insulation materials in a safe and environment- friendly way while preventing devastating fires from erupting and spreading in the home as well as outdoors. Bioflamex Corp. is developing its industrial fire retardants to protect textiles, insulation, construction materials, and paper and wood. The market opportunities for eco-friendly fire protection are endless!

If you would like to see BFLX`s products in action please click on the link below, we are sure that you will be just as impressed as we are:

The Eco-Edge Advantage

Conventional fire fighting methods contain chemicals and toxins that are highly detrimental to humans, animals, groundwater and even ecosystems. BFLX’s product range contains none of these, and its formulas are completely biodegradable and non- toxic. The ecological aspect of BFLX’s products is a major selling point due to increasingly environmentally conscious consumers as well as to the global political and corporate trend to focus on sustainable, eco-conscious products and production processes. Furthermore, many experts predict that given the growing trend toward environmental regulation, BFLX`s eco-friendly type of products may not only be preferable, but also legally required as older, more chemically harmful methods become restricted and obsolete, as in the case of Halon and Bromides! BFLX is on the cutting edge of “clean-tech” fire fighting and prevention, and is strategically poised to not only take advantage of the upcoming paradigm shift in fire fighting approaches, but also to spearhead, lead, and shape this new emerging era of environmentally-friendly fire fighting.

BFLX`s Advantage!

• Extinguishes fires in 2-5 seconds!

• Operates like a can of hair spray!

• Prevents surfaces from re-igniting!

• No harsh chemicals and completely biodegradable!

• Does not harm surfaces!

• Wipes away with a cloth!

With fires claiming the lives of people every day, the need for more efficient and practicable fire-fighting and prevention products is ever-present. In 2008 alone, a devastating 3,320 civilians died in fires in the U.S., and 16,705 were injured. Only a shocking 5% of the victims of home fires had an extinguisher at hand. In that same year, 118 American fire fighters died on duty, struggling to save the lives of people trapped in the fatal flames. On top of this, a staggering overall society cost of $180 Billion annually is to be added to this equation. With BFLX’s eco-friendly, handy and practicable products, it is possible for anyone to easily fight a fire and help beating those terrifying statistics. BFLX’s unique preemptive fire retardants will additionally help preventing fires from even arising in the first place. The agent can be sprayed on to virtually any inflammable surface and dramatically decrease the risk of a fire to initiate. It can be used in both small and larger scales; in your home, protecting textiles, furniture and other combustible materials, or even in forests, preventing disastrous wildfires. A wildfire can release more carbon dioxide than a forest absorbs for up to 30 years, making it the second largest source of greenhouse gases, only surpassed by fossil fuel-based energy production. With an average of 70,000 wildfires in the U.S. each year, the need for products such as Bioflamex Corp’s fire retardants is self-evident. Not only to save innocent lives but also to save our ailing environment. BFLX has the ambitious vision of a life-saving extinguishing can under every kitchen sink in America by the end of this decade!

BFLX`s Target Markets:

The markets for BFLX’s comprehensive product range are virtually limitless. Initially, the Company has identified key geographical areas and niche markets where it will strategically focus its promotion activities in order to reap the highest returns. Research indicates that penetrating markets in New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and Florida will bring the highest ROI due to high population density, optimal business density, high media saturation, and the high presence of available distribution outlets. Further market research shows that:

• The high proportion of Oil & Gas Industry in Texas and Oklahoma supports the distribution and sales of bulk extinguishers and the IFEX Impulse Gun to professional clients

• The high level of forest fire threats in California makes it an ideal market to introduce the forest fire solutions to local Government departments and fire fighting departments

• The high number of elderly people in Florida supports the introduction of Bioflamex kitchen extinguisher and textile retardants to Government Departments and Institutions as well as key retail partners Bioflamex Corp’s unique first-to-market advantage and innovative products constitute an ideal investment opportunity supported by the solid base of political and public demand for a greener and healthier future.

Latest News:

On Wednesday the company announced the signing of a MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) covering a distribution partnership for Texas and subsequently also California.

To further strengthen the focused efforts towards the Industrial and Professional industry segments, BFLX has a MOU with a privately owned company with strong links to the Oil and Gas industry, as well as private consumer distribution.

Initially, the main emphasis will be placed on sales and distribution in the state of Texas, utilizing the deep relationships that the new partner has developed in the Oil & Gas industry.

The main focus of activities will be on a product package proposition, well suited to meet the fire fighting needs of such enterprises. The package contains the combination of the IFEX impulse gun technology and the effective Bioflamex-Hartindo biological foam concentrates, and complementary smoke and fire protection masks.

The partners have agreed to pursue more ventures covering additional states and sectors, as well as possible additional long term operational funding, and the execution of those items will be carried out during Q3-Q4. Due to the ongoing work on possible financing groups, the partner has asked for discretion until a commitment from a financing group has been obtained.

Mr. Kristian Schiorring, CEO of Bioflamex Corp., stated, “It is a privilege to be able to work with this new partner and their unique network, and we are certain that the collective efforts will have a great impact on our business. We are planning the first projects and expect that to be noticeable in the Q4 financials of the company.”

2013 looks to be shaping up as a landmark year for BFLX which is why we feel it is extremely attractive at these subpenny levels!

This could be the perfect opportunity for traders to take a healthy position in BFLX before what could be an extremely profitable bull run up the charts!

BFLX`s management is extremely opportunistic about BFLX`s potential to be the de facto name in fire protection and is projecting revenues to be as high as $100 Million by 2013! We are urging all members to add BFLX to their radar immediately and be ready early at 9:30am EST! Let`s get ready for an exciting day of trading…

Remember the first step to becoming a successful penny stock trader is opening up a brokerage account if you haven`t done so already you can start by clicking [8]here.

***Always Trade Smart & Take Profits When You Can***


The PennyStockLocks Team


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Bioflamex Corp. Takes First Step in U.S. Market With Distribution Partnership 8:30a ET July 15, 2013 (Market Wire) Bioflamex Corp (PINKSHEETS: BFLX). The Management of BFLX are pleased to introduce a new distribution partnership covering parts of the United States.

Bioflamex Corp. and the private company Progress Alternative Group, LLC (PAG) have entered a distribution collaboration agreement, wherein PAG will assume exclusive responsibility of sales and distribution in the geographical area comprised of Louisiana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Utah and Kansas. In addition to these markets, PAG will also work on key clients in Texas and Oklahoma. In return, PAG have committed to perform sales of a minimum US$1,000,000 per annum.

The main focus of activities will be on the Industrial segments, with an initial targeted drive towards the Oil & Gas producing businesses in the areas covered by PAG activities. The partners have developed a product package proposition, well suited to meet the fire fighting needs of such enterprises. The package contains the combination of the IFEX(R) impulse gun technology and the effective Bioflamex-Hartindo biological foam concentrates, and complementary smoke and fire protection masks.

Mr. Kristian Schiorring, CEO of Bioflamex Corp., noted in a comment, “Following a demanding period for the company, it is immensely pleasing to have this first cooperation agreement in the U.S. in place. We have high expectations for the results this partnership will generate for the company, both short term and long term.”

Karl Schilling, General Partner of Progress Alternatives Group, LP, stated, “We are very pleased and excited about this strategic alliance opportunity to help establish and grow the US market for the unique and innovative Bioflamex product line. These products can make a dramatic difference for Oil Field producers in both their safety programs as well as environmental and productivity improvements within their fire control platforms.”

The company and PAG will plan the upcoming activities during August-September.

BFLX officers own 8BN restricted shares which do not qualify to be sold until March 2014.

About Bioflamex Corp.: Bioflamex Corporation is a company focused on the development, production and marketing of “clean tech” and advanced high performance fire protection products and systems.

With its global scope, Bioflamex Corp. aims at penetrating the private market segments with its Bioflamex aerosols and the Industrial and Professional sectors with the combination of the IFEX Impulse Gun system and the clean and safe Bioflamex-Hartindo biological concentrated foam extinguishing solutions.

The mission is to reduce environmental impact of fire fighting while saving lives, forests and property from fires.

In a $100 billion fire safety and electronic security market, Bioflamex Corp. aims to become a leading “clean tech” niche player.

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