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Good MorningTroops! It’s time to suit up and show up. Now go log into your online broker because FCCN could have a special day. We have been continuing our Due Diligence on FCCN and love what we have found.

Go to www.Noot.com This can be your mobile Personal Assistant…

The future will be right in the palm of your hands! Personalize the web on your mobile device and Go! **And the best part is: FCCN owns it**

FCCN completed a definitive agreement with Noot, Inc. for control of intellectual property and all other related assets that the company will develop. This transpired in February.

`Today there are over 1 Bill. smart phone users while the smart phone market has a year on year sales growth of over 50% in the United States, China and India. However, despite the 1Bill. current users, there are over 5 Bill. mobile phone users, which indicate there is a large upside for smart phone sales growth. We are very pleased to have Noot, Inc. as our partner and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship`, says the CEO..

**What other contracts is FCCN procuring**

FCCN announced recently that portfolio company, Kontexto, has signed a two-year contract with Bell Media for media analytics for their online properties utilizing the company’s flagship product, publishflow™. Kontexto’s publishflow™ has been selected by Canada’s largest communication company, Bell Media, for data analytics of the company’s online properties.

FCCN opened an office in Mumbai, India’s wealthiest city, for marketing initiatives of Spectral’s portfolio products and for evaluating potential acquisition opportunities. The office will provide marketing support for “noot” as well as the products and services offered by Kontexto.

Noot is an ideal product for the young Indian population where tablets and smartphones are emerging as the devices of choice and trending to become mainstream consumer behavior. Kontexto’s products and services have limited competition in the Indian market providing for large growth opportunities FCCN closed a financing of a cool million bux in March.

The financing is a real vote of confidence by sophisticated investors who follow the company.

Spectral received total proceeds of $1,000,000 USD on March 7, 2012 for which it issued 1,650,000 restricted common shares in Spectral at $0.65 per share, along with an equal number of shares as warrants for $0.80 for a two year period. The shares do not have registration rights or other preferences. The use of proceeds of the financing will be for general corporate purposes and to fund various technology ventures currently in development or planned over the next 12 months.

If a sophisticated accredited investor is buying @ $0.65, then is 40 cents a complete bargain You do the math….

Is this the time to step in and wiggle your big toe I see a puddle of potential! Stay tuned to my next update on FCCN and place it as your #1 radar ticker right now…

The MAJOR NEXT MAJOR WINNER Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 2013 (OTCQB): FCCN **News Flash: FCCN is showing signs of life. Volume is steadily increasing!!**

The year 2013 is one for the record books. With nearly half of the fiscal New Year nearly completed, we have seen some impressive moves leading to historic highs for the broader markets. With the DJI setting records for consecutive up days leading to new all time highs, and the U.S. Federal Reserve continuing its monetary stimulus into September, we are seeing money from the big boys overflow into the small caps. This has led to some high flying trades and spectacular moves.

We call them as we see them, and spell it out for you. Our last suggestion played out perfectly according to plan. Now that we have claimed profits, it`s time to put our money to work again.

This is Our Technical Breakout Alert – Place Spectral Capital Corporation (Stock Symbol: FCCN) on your radar immediately.

Check out the following annotated chart:


Does your Trading Account Need a Quick Boost **Plan the Trade – Trade the Plan**

Spectral Capital Corporation (FCCN) popped on our scanners last month when we saw extreme volume emerge on one day. This produced the wide range bar you see in black on the above chart. Our experience tells us, stocks don’t trade heavy volume out of nowhere by mistake. That spike took FCCN from $0.43 to $.64 and showed us this company can Skyrocket! Since adding the stock to our watch list that day, we have seen a slight downtrend and waited for evidence of consolidation. That time is now, and tomorrow looks like a Bullish Uptrend will emerge.

The short term 5 and 10 day (Simple) Moving Averages have now crossed. This is a Strong Buy Signal. The recent consolidation and upturn have been confirmed by sequentially higher Volume. This is another Buy Signal.

**Follow the trendlines for Entry and Exits.**

With the stock in a solid uptrend, the buy here is at $0.40. Be aware that strong support is at $0.35 for the last week, so any stops should be placed below that area. We are looking at the short term MA’s to give us a target. That 50 day MA shows us the next level of resistance is $0.53, which presents a near 33.25% Return On Investment from current levels.

**The Risk/Reward is Perfect for a Profitable Trade**

Now let`s dig deeper….

Why is FCCN making a move at current levels When a group of experts acquires and partners with early stage companies to achieve corporate growth and development on the public levels – we take notice FCCN acquires and partners with early stage technology companies that have the ability to grow into independent public companies. They focus on identifying markets in which a start up has the opportunity to greatly enhance or become a complete game changer.

FCCN looks for technology which can be patented. Through knowledge and vast network of professionals from around the world, as well as experience as entrepreneurs, they provide support for the portfolio teams with added creativity and vision.

FCCN has signed a definitive agreement with Noot, Inc and the product is currently being developed by Spectral Capital. Noot is a next generation search app allows for consumers to continuously discover new content.

Noot takes search to a new level for the smart phone user and is the type of disruptive technology that the market is missing and poised to capture. Noot`s approach to smartphone search is based upon extensive research of how people use their smart phone versus their other devices and presents information to the user accordingly.

**The NOOT Search Experience That Defines You!**

The noot search experience differs from other search platforms by being both personalized and continuous as it searches, filters and presents content that the consumer has an ongoing interest in, versus a one time interest.

Most search engines are based upon `ad hoc` needs or one time interests, so when one is searching for a term, the results will provide basically the same information each time. Another form of search is `discovery` where one discovers what is on TV by changing the channels or goes to a news site and discovers breaking news.

Noot offers users continuous search, which provides them with information they are interested in without them having to actively search. Noot never stops working, even when not activated, and continuously gathers relevant information so each time users open noot, they find new information according to their personal interests.

Noot`s search technology is also a learning technology and thus provides highly personalized, tailor-made results. It learns what type of information users like and in what format they prefer. This allows noot to present results users want and to filter out what they don`t want, all while sharing fresh content each time.

**Development of Ideas is the Priority!**

FCCN formally launched a beta version of noot for all Android smartphones.. Noot even includes the option to receive information from social media such as Twitter and Facebook posts.

Noot has embedded learning software that improves the user experience over time and even considers that people’s interests in certain topics may wane. Noot also has a flexible format allowing people to easily add and delete personal search topics and receive immediate updated information. Additionally, one has the option to select the maximum age of content from 1 hour to 2 days and anything in between.

FCCN’s Noot is also 100% private, giving people the opportunity to access their interests without any user information collected. This ultra-private search technology substantially enhances privacy for the user. Since the noot application operates almost entirely upon the end user’s smartphone, with little need for centralized servers to process search, learning and sharing requests, the service will also scale cost effectively with new user growth and activity.

**Social Media plus Smart Phones Will never be the same. Do you NOOT**

Put **FCCN** on the radar watch list because we are seeing alot of increased awareness and it is only a matter of time before I say, “I told you so!” Speak to you soon, THE MAJOR Majorpennystocks.com Editor-in-Charge This report/release/advertisement is a commercial advertisement and is for general information purposes only. **We do not buy or sell and we do not any receive shares in any of our profiled companies.** Please consult with an advisor. This is just a starting point of research and all information was derived from public sources.

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