Less than 1 hour to go (LVVV) – can it really soar 525 percent?

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Don`t Miss Out On Potential Huge Gains! You Can BENEFIT From My Proven Track Record Especially Coming Off My Last 106% Winner ….Emails have been pouring in all day regarding my next pick coined “another winner” (Literally thousands of emails!) How do you benefit Answer: By riding the wave and doing your research on LVVV FACT: Some will sit on the sidelines again FACT: Some will do their research and recognize another winner ….The question is what will you do Right now my track record is off the charts, and readers just like you are waiting for my new profile to hit a home-run.

Remember, my last pick soared 106%! (If this pick does half of that) you are still stuffing a whopping 53% gain in your account…

(Stay with me…) You must start your research on LVVV right now, and write yourself a note to pull it up in the morning! The Nutrition Business Journal Estimates (NBJ) Global Nutrition is a $300 Billion Industry Livewire Ergogenics Inc.

Symbol: (LVVV) Price: $0.12 12 Month Price : $0.75 (Given by Major Analyst According to Report) Link to report –> Click Here! Executive Summary LVVV Corporate Description: “LiveWire Energy(TM) chews are manufactured in Anaheim, California by LiveWire Ergogenics Inc., the first company to market a full-flavored, soft “energy” chew packed with both B vitamins and up to 120 mg of timereleased caffeine.

Designed for consumers with an action-packed lifestyle, LiveWire Energy chews are pocket-sized, portable alternatives to bulky energy drinks or shots.

Available in seven different flavors, the Company`s grab-n-go packaging responsibly displays the amount of caffeine in each chew, including Citrus Mango (90 mg caffeine), Pomaberry, (90 mg caffeine), Chocolate (100 mg caffeine), Mint Chocolate (120 mg caffeine), Sour Apple (90 mg caffeine), Cinnamon Fire (90 mg caffeine), and Coffee (100 mg caffeine) LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. was formed in 2008 and its products are available for purchase at thousands of retail outlets nationwide or are available online at www.livewireenergy.com.

Market Opportunity: 5-Hour Energy Shots® has stated that the Company sells 9 million bottles per week, or over 450 million annually. Energy drink maker Red Bull® sold 4.6 billion cans in 2011, growing 11.4% over 2010.

The success of these companies as well as others such as Monster and Rockstar show there is a tremendous market for these energy products within the $300 billion global nutrition industry.

While these products represent a competitive threat to LVVV`s energy chew, the product is differentiated in a number of ways, especially portability (the LiveWire Energy chew is about the size of a Starburst® candy) and value as the LiveWire chew typically is priced at under $0.75 while leading energy shots and drinks often are priced at over $2.00.

With nearly 150,000 U.S. convenience stores and over 100,000 supermarkets / drugstores / dollar stores and supercenters, there is a huge market for LVVV to target..

The convenience store market in particular as attractive for LVVV`stargeted customer as Arbitron reports that nearly 190 million people age 12 and over visit a convenience store monthly, and 57% of the demographic is males with a high concentration of teens, young men, and people living with children in the household.

Recent announcements by LVVV illustrate the Company`s focus on building a strong marketing team and approach as well its strategy to work with leading grocery and c-store distributors to get access to shelf space such as the agreements recently Albertson`s, Fastrip, Rebel Oil and Terrible Herbst c-stores.

According to Mintel, U.S. energy shot and drink sales reached $8.1 billion and are expected to nearly double by 2016 As a possible explanation for what is driving the market`s rapid growth, Gary Hemphill, a senior vice president at Beverage Marketing Corp.`s information services division, said the core market for energy shots has been younger males, but that appeal is evolving:

“Energy is a need that spans both sexes and a wide range of ages. So the energy-products consumer has begun to broaden well beyond the original core consumer, and companies have begun to market their products accordingly.” Timing couldn`t get any better for you because…

Today at 4:06 pm, LVVV released huge news that could send prices into a frenzy Thursday morning! PRESS RELEASE Feb. 6, 2013, 4:06 p.m. EST LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. Expands Broker Network to Include “Big-Box” Retail Through Navigator Sales and Marketing ANAHEIM, CA, Feb 06, 2013 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (otcqb:LVVV), makers of the innovative LiveWire Energy(TM) chew products, is expanding its broker network to include “Big Box” retailers by engaging Navigator Sales and Marketing.

“Big Box” retailers typically operate stores with more than 50,000 square feet of retail space.

With its national reach, Navigator delivers high quality consumer goods to top “Big Box” grocers, consumer packaged goods companies and independent retailers.

The Navigator partners collectively have over 50 combined years of experience with major companies such as Coca-Cola, Frito Lay/Pepsico; Supervalu/American Stores and Campbell Soup Co. Navigator`s focus has been on driving and implementing sales and marketing initiatives as well as building sales teams.

Navigator Sales and Marketing specializes in the marketing of niche and emerging brands to a national clientele and they are recognized in the industry as leaders in the area of driving profitable growth.

“According To Murphy Analytics There Is 525% Upside Gains From The Current Price of .12 Cents” I urge you to start your research on LVVV right now! Remember, my last pick soared 106% and my track record is on fire meaning you can potentially benefit.

Don`t miss out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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