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Kraig Biocraft Labs (KBLB) is climbing and if it announces just one of its major Super Fiber objectives, out of at least 3, its off to the races. Will you own this super stock before news breaks KBLB harnessed Spider Silk technology and is perfecting the process, protected by a strong suite of patents. Kraig is now busy striving to commercialize Monster Silk, its recombinant spider silk product, while the lab is working on revolutionary new and even stronger transgenic enhanced fibers.

Initially, Kraig could simply dominate the Multi-Bill mundane silk market, where its versatility could make it way bigger than Kevlar, Spandex and Gore-Tex, combined.

Subsequently, we should see a wide array of stronger and lighter products, from surgical sutures to bulletproof vests to cartilage growth scaffolding, all made possible by Spider Silk, a Super Fiber that should change the face of the 126 B Technical Fibers Industry and quickly create its own Multi-B market.

The fact of the matter is that biotechs have been incredibly strong and many top stock market experts are sure that they will continue to outperform the market, so when KBLB announces a significant breakthrough there should be a massive gust at its back.

The main reason that KBLBs stock value slipped is because as it was doing the heavy lifting required to advance the business model forward, which can be boring to follow, its stock was oversold.

Major anticipated Kraig announcements; * Production *

Commercialization * Laboratory advances including Gen II success, pure or very near to pure Spider Silk Plus, there are other initiatives that may surprise us, like potential strategic M&A activity, and, if the companys last big news is an indication of what could happen on the next big announcements, this could easily see new all-time highs. Ive been covering KBLB for a while and watched as lab developments sent the Shares Vertical over 1,000 pct, but I think some of the next benchmarks are even bigger. Now you know why to take decisive action on this awesome opportunity.

KBLB at these levels is a gift, just based on the likely value of its current suite of technologies, so its poised to make a huge move with additional news. I can tell you that with the incredible amount of mainstream media and financial press coverage that Kraig garnered in the past, it wont go unnoticed. Run your own search and you should pull up thousands of links to previous Kraig coverage, which is more than many Big Board offerings, but when you price it to some of the biotechs, youll see others that they are trading for dollars, despite the fact that they hope begin to roll out product in a few years, and KBLB is available for pennies, despite the fact that its way sexier.

Consider the implications if they should announce Gen II progress towards the creation of the worlds Strongest SUPER FIBER. With Production, Commercialization and other Corporate Developments on the horizon, the time for a healthy investment in KBLB is now! KBLB is making a very strong move, but since it was extremely oversold look for the correction to continue and, on top of that, KBLB could release groundbreaking news any day, which could send this through the roof.

This is very exciting and we will continue to update you on further developments! Swalert PO Box 4662 #82130 New York New York 10163-4668 You are subscribed to this mailing list as . Please use the link below to modify your message preferences or

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